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    Cristina is running for Vice

    The truth it seems world over is getting stranger than fiction by the day.
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    The New York Times article on Argentina

    The majority of dirt poor Argentines think with there stomaches as their brains hardly function worth a shit populism is coming back and it will kill the country this time.
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    A post a pic is with a 1000 words.

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    Is it me, or Immigrations looks like a jail?

    Well, these are surely Argentine prison photos in true Argentinian style they throw their stuff all over the floor. Going to the gym here makes me want to pop as the Argies just leave the weights lying around all over the place. Wondering around in a mess of dumbbells and plates looking for the...
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    Is it me, or Immigrations looks like a jail?

    I have been to the prisons many times in the US I was a volunteer worker in the prisons church system. I find it hard to believe they have failed to make that a civilized environment at this point in history. But then again the world itself does not seem to be a civilized as it should be.
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    Is it me, or Immigrations looks like a jail?

    How many of you been to prison here..Just curious? LOL!
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    Vamos a Uruguay

    I am married to one and do not have to be here to have one.
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    Vamos a Uruguay

    I have had the official week from hell here on so many levels, perhaps the worst week in the history of my life? Why Argentinians! Labor day 3 houses were blasting music for 18 hours I thought I was being tortured by ignorant retards. No sleep and the no way to nap and your head boom boom boom...
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    Vamos a Uruguay

    Why? They are not idiots! The power works! The internet works! They are far more intelligent and educated than Argentinians! THEY HAVE MANNORS! In other words they wont piss you off acting like idiots. You can buy and work in both USD and the Pesos! I am very confident they would never buy...
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    What would you do?

    I would have started stalking him but let him notice just bug him out.
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    Bolsonaro: we don't need another Venezuela south of us

    His remarks are very much on point in this case. 2 Venezuela's would put a very hard drag on the entire continent of South America.
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    Did Trump save Venezuela?

    This is a Russian news network and these trolls are lying in this video. This is total BS I have talked to numerous people from Venezuela and the first-hand reports are a far cry from this is Russian propaganda. This so messed up... you must really not understand the language here or culture...
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    The beginning of the end in Venezuela

    Interesting but this was underway and horrific long before Trump and why was the humanitarian aid that was sent refused? Seems rather cruel to send your military to stop your citizens from sorely needed medical and other aid. So there is blame to go around everywhere. For the record, I am no...
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    The beginning of the end in Venezuela

    I have here and in Uruguay and they are suffering very badly. The ones with money are hiding their kids all over South America and the stories I heard are horrific.
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    The beginning of the end in Venezuela

    My guess they will be going in with tactical information back up from the states and they are putting all pieces in place now. Maduro must be crapping in his pants. The military that has not flipped must be too.
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    What Is Inflation?

    The can has been kicked down the road give it time. See below.
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    What Is Inflation?

    One should keep in mind these things take time to play out. This is just the beginning and with the help the IMF the can just got kicked down the road which could make it much worse in the end. I have friends that have already lost jobs due to companies downsizing. I have another friend that...
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    What Is Inflation?

    Yea I talk with them about often. Standard reply. This Argentina we always have the crisis cycle. I kind of see it like someone saying we always have a car accident but we survive. My thoughts are then, what happens when the accident is fatal?
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    I could not agree more and trying to sell investors on this mess is classic.
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