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  1. mfogel

    Bank Account Recommendations And Fees

    @An_albumparty - which HSBC branch did you go to? I just went to the one in Colegiales and they rejected me without a payslip proving income *within* argentina. I do have a DNI. thanks in advance
  2. mfogel

    Bringing A Dog Into Argentina

    @jast77 * if your dog is small enough to fit in a cabin crate, then obviously that's the thing to do, else: * check your dog as 'luggage' - it flies in the cargo hold (temperature controlled, pressurized etc) on the same flight as you * else, you ship it cargo. We shipped our dog cargo. If we...
  3. mfogel

    Shipping A Dog Cargo Houston -> Ba

    Hi, my wife and I recently went through the process of shipping our dog cargo from Houston to BA via United. I wanted to post on here all the things I wish we had known ahead of time. Hopefully this will be helpful to someone down the line. If anyone has questions, let me know I'll do my best to...
  4. mfogel

    Immigration For Dummies

    This thread is super helpful, thank you to @khairyexpat, @steveinbsas and all the other regulars who have contributed. My wife and I are considering moving to BA on a rentista visa. We have enough funds saved up to go the 'set up a trust' route that's been described earlier in this thread...