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  1. D.B. Cooper

    Can anyone give me the names of some shipping companies?

    Yu don't say where you're moving from. (?) I recommend Andreani. That's the company I used when I moved from the NYC to BA.
  2. D.B. Cooper

    Cristina is running for Vice

    Macri needs to dump Michetti as his VP and get somebody from the UCR party as his running mate. Somebody that can campaign with him, somebody that's, young and charismatic. Michetti is in a wheelchair she's never going to be able to do that, Macri can't do that alone. I think somebody from the...
  3. D.B. Cooper

    Cristina is running for Vice

    Here's another scary scenario....Let’s say Alberto Fernandez becomes the next president of Argentina. After a few months he resigns from office and Kristina becomes president again. She takes office lets out all the K criminals out of prison and brings back her daughter from Cuba. Let’s hope...
  4. D.B. Cooper

    Does Anybody Have / Use This Pami Thing?

    This past Thursday I went back and got the same flu shot I got last year. This time the price was $467 pesos. I don’t mind paying. I hope I don't get the cold. It’s called “Vaxigrip” Vacuna antigripal.
  5. D.B. Cooper

    Cristina is running for Vice

    Another bullshit scam from Kristina. I’ve never heard of a former two term president to come back to serve as a VP. It’s obvious that she's going to use him as a shill and use him as a puppet. Alberto Fernandez is a Milktoast kind of a guy.
  6. D.B. Cooper

    Doh! Lost my phone in a taxi looking to buy used or rent

    The city has a number to call for lost or stolen cell phones. It is *910. Not sure what they do. Good luck.
  7. D.B. Cooper

    I’ve had my visa rejected despite my nearly complete citizenship process

    Juantime ,.... just curious, what country are you a citizen off?...
  8. D.B. Cooper

    True crime murder mystery steps from Congress. A real life “who done it”.

    Just heard on the news that the Diputado Olivares who was in critical condition had passed away. He could not be saved.
  9. D.B. Cooper

    True crime murder mystery steps from Congress. A real life “who done it”.

    The alleged shooter was arrested just a little while ago in Entre Ríos. It appears to be a crime of passion. The group involved in the shooting appear to be members of the local Gipsy community. Politics had nothing to do with it. Just some TCB.
  10. D.B. Cooper

    True crime murder mystery steps from Congress. A real life “who done it”. This happened just hours ago. Very weird. The killers appear on a security camera. Looks like the target of the hit wasn’t the UCR deputy but the guy he was walking with.
  11. D.B. Cooper

    Anybody read Cristina's book yet?

    Anybody read Christina's book yet?... I rather spend the $600 price tag on a good Malbec. So I’ll wait for the movie to come out. If I had a bookstore where would I put it? True crime, Self help, Drama, Comedy, Horror? Maybe all of the above...
  12. D.B. Cooper

    The beginning of the end in Venezuela

    Looks like the end of the Maduro regime has begun. Leopoldo Lopez is out of prison. The military has turned against Maduro. Maduro is nowhere to be found.
  13. D.B. Cooper


    You can find it at the Sant Telmo greenmarket. They call it “Kale” but pronounce it like the city Cali in Colombia. Very cheap. $30 pesos for a huge bundle. I also found it once in a Chinatown market. The San Telmo greenmarket is on Balcarse St. from México to Chile street. Only on Saturday. I
  14. D.B. Cooper

    Coffee Chat on TUESDAY, April 9 at Alto Palermo

    I’ll probably show up.
  15. D.B. Cooper

    No Fibertel internet in 3 days

    I had the same problem with Fibertel when I moved here. Switched to Telecentro. Problem solved.
  16. D.B. Cooper

    How much is the 50” Smart tv ??? Do you take pesos ???

    How much is the 50” Smart tv ??? Do you take pesos ???
  17. D.B. Cooper

    Physiotherapy / Physical Therapy...

    When I lived in NYC I used to swim laps at the YMCA and sometimes schedule a massage right afterwards. It was always with the same Black woman from some Caribbean country. It was a real treat. Nothing weird, just a good rub down. As far as a man giving me a rub down,... I would feel like this...
  18. D.B. Cooper

    Need to have an important document mailed to me in Argentina. How reliable is postal service here?

    You have to have it sent Cerified First Class Mail with Track & Trace number. I do a little bit of Ebay from here & I've never lost a package. You can track the items by the Correo Argentino web cite.
  19. D.B. Cooper

    Moving to BA for 9 months, where can I find a good used bike?

    Bring a good helmet, & bus traffic here is insane !