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  1. Macanudo

    Doh! Lost my phone in a taxi looking to buy used or rent

    Did you try calling the phone to see if anyone answers?
  2. Macanudo

    New to Western Union

    There is a Pago Facil-Western Union that buys and sells dollars in my barrio. You could find one near you and ask them if you could receive dollars instead of pesos. If that doesn't work and the money is coming from the US, you could have someone send you dollars using Ria money transfer.
  3. Macanudo

    Aerolineas Argentinas hot sale 40% discounts to Europe

    Anyone have an opinion on the current Aerolineas Argentinas hot sale with 40 % discounts? I think it started yesterday and ends tomorrow. I'm looking at a round trip flight to Madrid for around $450. I know there is another thread regarding Aerolinas Argentinas, but thought maybe someone else...
  4. Macanudo

    Overstaying 90-day limit

    If you are from any of the listed countries, you don't need a visa to enter Brazil: If you do need a visa and can't wait until next month, you can get a visa for travel to Brazil online for around $40. It probably...
  5. Macanudo

    Temporary Residency application using the Radex website

    You could make an appointment, print out the date and go down to Esmeralda 1214. Then try to convince them you have some sort of emergency and have to get it done immediately. If that doesn't work, checking the website everyday looking to see if there is an earlier date available due to a...
  6. Macanudo

    Returning to Argentina

    Welcome back! Not a lot has changed. The dollar has pretty much kept up with inflation. If you enjoyed your stay in 2008 you will probably have a similar experience this time around. You no longer have to carry moneda for colectivos. You will need to get a subte card. You won't have to ask taxi...
  7. Macanudo

    buying bus tickets online

    I bought tickets over the telephone using a foreign credit card a couple of months ago with Flecha Bus, but they wouldn't accept my foreign debit card. They gave me a reference number to give to the ticket counter at the bus station. You can check the availability and seating charts online and...
  8. Macanudo

    A Story of Culture Shock and a Scam in Palermo

    Sorry to hear about your unfortunate experiences in Buenos Aires. Sounds like your good intentions may have helped the abused children next door. Thanks for taking the time to share. I rented an apartment once that still had food in the cupboards and refrigerator , the bed was not made and had...
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    New expat from Germany needs help!
  10. Macanudo

    Conversation coach

    This school is reliable and inexpensive
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    Vacation ideas - week-long trip from Rosario (driving only)

    For a short relaxing vacation maybe for two or three nights, very close to Rosario, you could consider Hotel Colonial San Nicolas. We stayed there in a suite and it wasn't very expensive. Nice big park like grounds. Not much to do besides hang out at the pool.
  12. Macanudo

    Good hair colorist in 2019?

    In Caballito, Yerbal 513, Lera @ Salon Estilos Lera. 11 2869 3006
  13. Macanudo

    Buying shirts in BA - Where?

    In Palermo on Gurruchaga there are several blocks of outlet stores that have last season's clothing at reduced prices.
  14. Macanudo

    It's always an inside job

    Wow, what an ugly experience to have to go through. Thanks for sharing this so we all can be more aware of what can happen when someone knocks on your door. Maybe you should consider the possibility of getting a dog.
  15. Macanudo

    Immigration For Dummies

    Dr. Rubilar is the member Bajo_cero2 . He is a professional immigration attorney in Buenos Aires.
  16. Macanudo

    Question about DNI

    Maybe the author of that post will reply with more info, or you could send him a private message. If not, you could try going to Immigration and state your case and try to clear it up, if you can find somewhere in writing where that rule is written. It's possible that that rule has changed or...
  17. Macanudo

    Question about DNI

    I'm surprised that they gave you a precaria without an FBI check. Was there a conversation about that when you presented your other paperwork? You are lucky that they sent you an email. The process for getting the FBI report is relatively easy.
  18. Macanudo

    Which ATM can I get cash out of with an American Debit Card (Fidelity or Charles Schwab)?

    The withdrawal does not show separate ATM fees on the bank statement, but at the end of the month there is a ATM fee rebate which includes all the fees for the month combined as one.
  19. Macanudo

    Which ATM can I get cash out of with an American Debit Card (Fidelity or Charles Schwab)?

    Sometimes on the week-ends the ATMs are empty. When the bank is open, you can usually withdraw 8000 pesos from BBVA bank using Charles Schwab debit card. You have to agree to the 379 peso withdrawal fee which CS with refund later in the month.
  20. Macanudo

    Newbie looking for advice

    Open a Charles Schwab account before you come. They'll give you a debit card that you can use here and save the $10 withdrawal free that the ATMs charge for each transaction. Also check out some of the first posts by New Member Fiscal and the responses by member Earlyretirement and other...