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  1. Kookaburra

    Pine nuts / piñones

    They have pine nuts at Reale Gourmet! Av. Pueyrredón 2054, Recoleta Tel: 4803-8535 Horarios : Lunes a Sábados de 9:30 a 14 y 16 a 21 hs.
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    Bolsonaro: we don't need another Venezuela south of us

    No, international law does not allow mercenaries to be punished without a fair trial and it does not allow them to be shot even after a fair trial. You can read more here:
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    Wine in Chinos

    Thanks Florence. So the wines didn’t just taste bad, they gave you gastritis. Can you maybe indicate the price bracket the wines were in?
  4. Kookaburra

    Wine in Chinos

    Some chinos have a wider range and higher turnover of wines than others but they all seem better value than supermarkets. For something better, a wine store for sure. What was it that made you suspect that some wine was fake rather than not stored properly? Was it the labeling or the seal...
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    BIFFE sells frozen lamb (shoulder, leg and tiny racks). The lamb sells out fast after delivery so ring ahead. You can check out the addresses and opening hours of their shops here:
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    Pine nuts / piñones

    Hi there. Does anyone know where to buy pine nuts (piñones) in Capital Federal? Can't seem to find any lately. Thanks!
  7. Kookaburra

    How to force a bank to release my money ?

    Hi there, sorry to hear about your situation. I had problems with an incoming wire transfer too (different bank) but eventually all was settled. From what I gather, a bank's "know your client" policy means that they are suspicious of anything that does not fit the profile of how your account...
  8. Kookaburra

    Marriage, foreigners visiting.

    We went for a civil union and that was complicated enough. Check whether both your witnesses must have DNI in Capital Federal. Let us know if you do a gay bridal registry and buck's night, that could be a lot of fun in Buenos Aires. โชคดี!
  9. Kookaburra

    Laws: Good for a laugh

    Please tell me that you only have to remove the new sidewalk 2 inches on his side of the boundary line.
  10. Kookaburra

    Iguazu & Cafayate By Car With Dogs

    I've driven to Cafayate with a dog and we had a great time. Best option is to stay in cabañas outside the center of town if you can although a few hotels accept dogs too, especially in low season. Some wineries have gardens and welcome dogs. Ring the tourist office in each place and book...
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    Coffee Chat, Tuesday, April 25 4:00-7:00Pm (Alto Palermo)

    See you at coffee chat tomorrow. I'll be the guy with a large dog and a latte.
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    Banco Nación exchanges dollars without an account.

    Banco Nación exchanges dollars without an account.
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    Uk-Argentina Marriage

    I think they only want birth certificates for applicants under 16 or for the children of applicants. I ordered an original NSW birth certificate online (and got it apostilled by the Australian consul) but in the end Migraciones only asked for my passport as proof of identity (translated and...
  14. Kookaburra

    Banco Piano

    I was transfering the money to Europe, nowhere exotic.
  15. Kookaburra

    Banco Piano

    I used Banco Piano to transfer a substantial sum to another country. I gave the order one month ago and it has still not arrived. Banco Piano did not even know that the money was missing until I told them. Since then, they have told me three times that the transfer was made, each time on a...