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  1. ben

    Why is there a colectivo/taxi "paro" tomorrow?

    Of course it would be available. How on earth can taxi drivers stop Uber from operating? Tienda Leon vehicles are clearly identifiable, and as such make clear targets for violence. Uber cars are unmarked, regular cars. You're going to start patrolling the streets looking for people getting into...
  2. ben

    If you have a Huawei Phone....

    No argument that the US has acted/is acting nearly as aggressively in the cyber area as is China. I’m not sure what your point is, though. Is it your position that the US should let Chinese companies’ behaviour slide on the grounds that it has done the same? I understand the accusation of...
  3. ben

    If you have a Huawei Phone....

    Thank you Donald Trump? There are a lot of things one can hold against Donald Trump, but I’m not sure this should rightly be one of them. Is it your opinion that US concerns about Huawei, and/or Chinese espionage in general, are overblown? USG was worried about Huawei specifically well before...
  4. ben

    Temporary Residency application using the Radex website

    I’m seeing a bit of confusion re legalization vs apostille. Hope this helps: Legalization, in this context, is the process by which a document from a foreign or private entity becomes acceptable for use here. As regards a foreign document presented for trámites in Argentina, that is normally...
  5. ben

    Best U.S.-based bank for expats in Argentina

    Me, no levity?
  6. ben

    Best U.S.-based bank for expats in Argentina

    Sure, that's why we have DM.
  7. ben

    Make all US politicians instantly look Argentine

    It’s quite a thread. Enjoy.
  8. ben

    I’ve had my visa rejected despite my nearly complete citizenship process

    If you have a “nearly complete citizenship process”, per @Bajo_cero2 you should be safe from deportation by definition. I’d suggest you touch base with him ASAP. Despite the fact that we spar frequently on this forum, he appears to be very good at what he does. His contact info is at...
  9. ben

    Is it me, or Immigrations looks like a jail?

    Idk, I see a gate. Anybody else see much more than that? Here’s what a local jail looks like, last I checked:
  10. ben

    Getting married to an Argentine

    Your marriage certificate does not need any kind of legalization whatsoever to be recognized by US authorities. At most they may want translation. Petitioning for a green card having entered as a tourist can be tricky, you’re running some risks in terms of having entered as a tourist in bad...
  11. ben

    What would you do?

    Endorse. Hat off to you. And said turning and staring probably proves you did exactly the right thing.
  12. ben

    The beginning of the end in Venezuela

    I have, with several that came recently and now work here. When asked if things are as bad as reported, a standard response is that it’s worse. These are people working hard here, sometimes very hard. They are hugely thankful for the opportunity to work hard and earn anything. We are talking...
  13. ben

    The beginning of the end in Venezuela

    Is it just me, or is there something insulting about just continually posting videos with no context and making no argument? If you have something to say, say it. In your own words. Otherwise, forbear. Am I alone in thinking this?
  14. ben

    The beginning of the end in Venezuela

    Not all that much difference. Conspiracy theorists, divorced from the real world. Antisemitism, racism and kook conspiracy theories are main focus of the site (and its founder, Andrew Anglin). The comments on Venezuela are true to form: - I´don´t like the commie Maduro, but I don´t like a...
  15. ben

    Travel Requirements With Non-Argentine Children...

    Very likely completely irrelevant. The child is either accompanied by a given parent, or not. Not to mention that nobody would be looking through flight manifests from 5 days ago to cross-check. This is what mattered. Nothing else. They apply completely different requirements to foreigners...
  16. ben

    Travel Requirements With Non-Argentine Children...

    Can’t speak from direct experience, but notarized consent letter (+ birth certificate?) sounds like should be enough. Apostille sounds like overkill. It’s typically required when obtaining residency (or other local) papers. I’ve never, ever heard of it being required to enter a country.
  17. ben

    Moving and confused!

    A few points: @camel is exactly right as regards apostille. Marriage cert requires apostille as well IIRC, and NYS does not apostille short cert. Get the long one and apostille it. Most insurances will be happy to put you on a plan without a DNI. In fact, it took me repeated calls to replace my...
  18. ben

    what is current rental contract increase?

    Shows what happens when you opine on stuff you don’t know. Thanks.
  19. ben

    what is current rental contract increase?

    Normal practice. People are free to put whatever they like in their contract, but this is the rule nearly always applied.
  20. ben

    International Flights on May 1st. ?

    Generally speaking, after a labor incident is confirmed, airlines activate irregular operations procedures, which allow changes without penalty. The challenge is often one of timing. Call the airline too soon, and they may not yet have begun to treat the flight as an involuntary change (so...