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  1. London2Baires

    Help! I need CHEDDAR!

    You can find real cheddar, but it will take you a long time to acquire a source. Sorry but I won't share mine publicly (or privately actually) as they only produce small batches and it took me 4 years to find, don't plan on loosing the chicken that lays the golden eggs so to speak. What I...
  2. London2Baires

    Giving birth - Argentina or Chile ?

    What an interesting thread! Could the OP (and the future child) please update the community here in, say, 20 years from now You can set a reminder in your calendar app so as not to forget. We will be waiting... Thanks in advance! ;)
  3. London2Baires

    Adding a wiki

    I think a wiki would be a great idea to help the community. Not sure about all this 'lets keep the secrets for us only , muhahahaha' (I'm paraphrasing a little). Then again, on a practice level, as the admin says, it's probably quite a large and ongoing commitment which the community may not...
  4. London2Baires

    Number of residents born in the USA

    Hey, funny thread... I can't help but give a little history lesson for you all. Coffee chat was actually started by Susan. Gmx, myself, and Susan carried it for the first yearish from what I recall, attending every week pretty much. It was initially an event which would take place at a...
  5. London2Baires

    Easter Weekend City Services

    Hey All! For those who are interested, here is a short article outlining how city services will be working over the easter weekend: "Los servicios públicos en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires funcionarán con un cronograma especial durante este fin de semana largo con motivo de la celebración de la...
  6. London2Baires

    US citizen deported at Ezeiza

    This is exactly right. Another interesting statistical analysis would be: in a forum with X amount of rich expats. How many clients per immigration scare story can be accrued by a poster with vested interests. Not speaking of anyone specifically of course. I'm merely posing a general abstract...
  7. London2Baires

    Pope: How rude can you get?

    Looks like fun, that's the sort of cult I'd join for sure!! ;-)
  8. London2Baires

    Pope: How rude can you get?

    Don't worry , he can be as 'rude' as he wants. Surely if he goes to confession all will be forgiven, right? :x On a more serious note. A bunch of cult members complaining about how their cult leaders' non compliance with ritual offends them, yet the same sheep are more than happy to accept all...
  9. London2Baires

    BBC: Buenos Aires 7th cheapest city in world

    The title of the article is misleading clickbate. It should read "the cheapest cities for expats...". They bury that detail in the article itself . Which, incidentally , half those comments posted by the 'readers' must have not a actually 'read'. "The annual index was designed to help...
  10. London2Baires

    Are you supposed to tip in hotels?

    Tipping is pretty common in Argentina actually. It's not obligatory of course, but most would consider it good form as the service industry workers usually are underpaid and do hard work. Here is a little more info about tipping customs in Argentina by sector...
  11. London2Baires

    Water safe to drink?

    Actually arsenic levels can be pretty high depending on where you are: "Hace dos años, un estudio argentino publicado en la revista Science of the Total Environment dio cuenta de que uno de cada 10 argentinos vive en una zona donde el agua está contaminada con arsénico. Sólo en la provincia de...
  12. London2Baires

    Mass shooting in Peaceful New Zealand

    As per usual; yet another white supremacist right wing terrorist making his point about how evil and violent the Muslims are, by shooting a lot of them. No sense of irony of course. Right Wing, White Supremacists are a plague on the world, spreading their violent terrorist acts and horrid...
  13. London2Baires

    Shipping my personal laptop to Buenos Aires

    Nope, it will still take 8 months - 5 years to have it released from customs authorities with added fines/costs of 5-20x the laptops value. Not to mention online systems which don't work and queuing at government offices for 50 hours to be told you have to re queue somewhere else, then repeat...
  14. London2Baires

    How easy is it to be sued by a nanny here?

    Hey, Some interesting discussion here. For those of you who would like more data on this issue, please see: Domestic Service in Latin America :=) Ps: it's a long read, sorry :x
  15. London2Baires

    Peso what level do you see it this year ?

    I think we will soon be paying with these again : :p:p:eek:
  16. London2Baires

    Advantages of being citizen vs resident?

    Sure! "Mercosur citizens have the right to free movement, residence and employment throughout the bloc and in the five associated countries.[2] Citizens still have free transport of goods, services and money, as well as equality of rights, harmonization of social security systems and labor...
  17. London2Baires

    Advantages of being citizen vs resident?

    Fascinating, thanks much for sharing!!
  18. London2Baires

    Bernie in 2020

    There is a lot of, understandable, confusion about what socialism, social democracy, and democratic socialism, mean. Social Democracy is what Bernie, AOC and the progressive left, for the most part, stand for. Most people don't have the time or inclination to do the heavy lifting of reading...
  19. London2Baires

    Attorney versus Self Application

    That I really couldn't say. What did they say at the consulate? Whatever they say, double it, then double it again. If it happens before, count yourself lucky. The bureaucracy here can be kafkaesque, but it eventually works in most cases.
  20. London2Baires

    Advantages of being citizen vs resident?

    It's still an advantage, in the sense that you accrue benefits and rights which you'd otherwise not have. Whether you need/want those advantages is of course another matter. That's how it looks to me anyway.