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  1. MilHojas

    The peso real - a new single currency for the Mercosur

    A Common Brazil-Argentina Currency? A 'Distant Mirage' For Now (bloomberg) After meeting his counterpart Mauricio Macri in Buenos Aires on Thursday, Bolsonaro said the nations were taking a "first step" toward "the dream of a single currency in the Mercosur area, the peso real."
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    In Search for a Truly Argentine Beer

    Where can you buy them?
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    Argentina's complicated economic situation Inflation "is starting to fall, but it's taking longer than we had expected," Lagarde declared.
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    In Search for a Truly Argentine Beer

    My Search for a Truly Argentine Beer (the bubble) This is a quest to find a "Truly Argentine Beer". Author seems to be deeply familiar with local craft beer called Schaferhund, but suddenly runs into a rusty street sign reading Antares. Hooray! The choice is made!
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    Argentina in its Labyrinth

    An interview with Claudio Katz, a professor of economics at the UBA.
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    Marta Minujin's sculpture in new Retiro subway station

    Why don't you complain to the Bubble? I think they just rewrite articles published in Clarin and Lanacion to the best of their abilities. If you read local newspapers and find some interesting articles, why don't you write a commentary here and publish a link?
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    Marta Minujin's sculpture in new Retiro subway station

    Why the 3 New E Line Subte Stations Feature Female Argentine Artists (the bubble) The real news comes from the fact that every station has been intervened by three of the top female artists Argentina has to offer: Marta Minujín (Retiro), Gachi Hasper (Catalinas) and Marcela Cabutti (Correo...
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    Argentina’s election won’t change its economic options
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    No more defaults for Argentina

    Argentina Opposition Candidate Fernandez Pledges No Default (bloomberg) Argentine opposition candidate Alberto Fernandez said he won’t lead the country into default if he wins the presidential election in October, seeking to reassure investors who fear a new government might renege on its...
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    Argentina to pay 320M over Aerolíneas nationalization

    Aerolineas was nationalized back in 2008. Court ordered to pay former owners 320 million dollars.
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    Millenials show for learning Argentine slang

    This is a review of Argentine TV show called "Millenials" that is on Netflix. Author says it is useful for leaning local slang.
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    An article about today's strike
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    Russian travel visa for US citizen

    My guess is that it takes 10 days to a month to get a visa (no personal experience, though). I doubt you will find long lines there, since Russia has visa-free agreements with almost all Latin American countries, including Argentina.
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    Netflix plans to produce more TV series in Argentina

    Netflix starts filming several new TV shows here in Argentina. And by the way, do you find Netflix useful for learning the language?
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    Corruption trial against K

    Here is a good recent summary of corruption trial against Cristina.
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    Dress code at law firms, banks, other professional service firms in BA?

    I believe lawyers and accountants always wear suits. I wouldn't be surprised if they sleep in them as well. Bank people facing customers use dress pants and a collared shirt. If it is your first visit to the offices, and it is a formal environment, I think it is better to be overdressed, than...
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    Electric scooters in BA

    Rappi, a Colombian on-demand delivery company, in cooperation with Grin, a Mexican mobility startup, have started renting scooters in multiple locations in Buenos Aires. Apparently, the price of a 10 minute ride is 95 pesos. Do you think this a viable transportation option...
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    Electric buses on Line 59

    Two first electric buses start operating on route 59 this Thursday. I have high hopes for electric vehicles. Less noise from the street, can you imagine?
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    Doh! Lost my phone in a taxi looking to buy used or rent

    Moto g7 power is on sale in Fravega now. Specs, compare to US.
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    OSDE for incoming tourists

    I would say 9000 pesos for a 30 years old is way too much. OSDE is known to be on the expensive side though and maybe it is well deserved. Check with Hospital Aleman and OMINT. But again, do it in person.