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    Authentic Japanese Food

    Tori Tori is amazing!
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    Sushi Inflation in Buenos Aires

    Ha! They have other options, Might take a look at their menu before you decide. It was delicious. Seems you've already made your mind up you dislike sushi in Buenos Aires though so I'm not here to convince you. Just giving a rec for folks asking for good sushi here. It was that. Not up to...
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    Sushi Inflation in Buenos Aires

    I recently had Fly Sushi here in Buenos Aires at a friends place and it was incredible. Not sure how much it cost, I'm sure it was pricey but there was a great variety and even the take out was presented beautifully.
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    Visiting bodegas in Mendoza: would like advice

    I highly agree with the rec for Carmelo Patti and will also add winemaker Brennan Firth to that list (his winery is called Cepas Elegidas) His is more of a hang out with the winemaker, eat and drink type affair than a sterilized tour. And it's great wine as well. I also love SuperUco winery from...