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    is it common for landlords to want you to paint when done renting?

    I have rented a house for over 4 years, and now will be moving. Landlord asked that I pay for having the house painted. this was not mentioned in the contract. the walls do have normal marks for 4 years worth of living. is this common practice?
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    Is it "normal" for landlords to have tenants pay city and province property taxes?

    are2 year leases considered long term rentals?
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    Is it "normal" for landlords to have tenants pay city and province property taxes?

    I looked up the argentina codigo civil y comercial, chapter IV dealing with landlord and tenents....article 1209 stated that expenses that "encumbered" the property were the landlord's responsibility...dont know if property tax is an encumberence...also, we are leaving this property when the...
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    PAMI for permanant resident?

    so since i get social security benifits, I dont think I qualify.
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    PAMI for permanant resident?

    I fell hard on my hip and went to local ER. The doctor asked for my medical coverage and I said I had none. She asked why i wasnt enrolled in PAMI (I am 73 years old). I told her when i asked at the PAMI office to enroll they said I could not. Anyone know if i got wrong info at PAMI?
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    what is current rental contract increase?

    I just did a search on line, and several newspaper articles talked of gov proposing new rental codes since 2016, but not putting it to a vote of " senate" due to it not having enough support, and deciding to table it for this year due to this year being an election year???? maybe it did pass...
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    what is current rental contract increase?

    15 to 50%!! sounds like there is not one common %.....i have lived in the same house for 4 years, with 2 2year contracts. I pay for six months at a time, all at once. the past contracts increased 20 to 25 percent each 6 months. I am getting ready to negotiate a new contract for 2 years...
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    what is current rental contract increase?

    In the past, it seemed that the average rental contract renewal was around 25% is it higher now?
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    Thoughts About Cordoba

    I have been living in LaFalda, in the sierras for 7 years now after 3 years in BA. coming from a small rural town in oregon, La Falda is more comfortable for me . I miss movie theatres, ethnic food choices, and other expats; but I have gained all the things mentioned in the first post of...
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    Amazon Prime Working Here?

    i just bought a kindle fire via mercado libre and get amazon prime for one month for free...excited to see some tv shows and movies but all say not "available in your location." Yet, the bubble last month posted that amazon prime had gained access in argentina...only in BA or i have to wait a...
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    Up Date On What Is Now Standard For Rental Hikes?

    thanks for your input!!!
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    Up Date On What Is Now Standard For Rental Hikes?

    i have been renting a house here in La Falda for 4 years/two year contracts. In the past, the standard percentage increase per year was around 25%, as reported by other forum members. What are people hearing now? Another rental question: Is it standard practice for renters to pay property...
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    How To Register On Ria???

    thanks i see the source of my problem...
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    How To Register On Ria???

    I have used xoom to transfer money to my bank account down here for a long time, but wanted to try Ria...when i tried to register, i got the message that they didnt allow transfers from "your country" yet...I assume they know i was on line in to fix this? thanks for help
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    The Argentine Medicare System

    are you sure that expats, once they turn 70 , are eligible for PAMI? i am 69, have permanant residency, went to a PAMI office, and was told that only people who had worked in Argentina were eligable.....
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    What Happened To The Buenos Aires Herald??

    i start each day looking at the online articles of the buenos aires herald..( today, the link went to something else....what's up?
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    How To Watch The Olympics Down Here In English?

    so there are lots of channels on tv with the olympics live, but all in spanish....any suggestions?
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    Bbq, Wasabi, Thai Chili And Smoked Peanuts!

    anyone seen imitation maple extract anywhere? (I know , its not as good as real maple syrup)...I brought down a small bottle several years ago, and a few drops mixed with water and sugar and cooked up makes a syrup just like "log cabin" that i was raised on...i have two drips left....sigh...
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    Travel From/to Fee?

    I found a good deal (flight/hotel/car) on Orbitz flying from Cordoba to Montevideo Uruguay...If i book on line with Orbitz using my USA credit card, will I still have to pay a 35% tax to ARG gov ? I have lived here for years with a permanent resident DNI. A film i just saw about the chef...
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    Relocating To Salta, Cordoba Or San Luis

    We have lived in La Falda, Cordoba for 4 years other expats here, but we are still happy here. PM me if you are planning a visit and I can help.