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  1. G_Little

    Spurs in the Champions League Final

    The Gibraltar Bar in San Telmo has been good. It was pretty dead on the last day of the season mind you. I don't think the owner is a Spurs fan mind you.
  2. G_Little

    Canadian Tourist Stabbed in San Telmo for Cellular

    It was a 2am just outside my apartment. The screams were terrible.
  3. G_Little

    I Have Overstayed 90 Day Visa... Is It Better To Pay Fine Or

    I recently returned to Europe on holiday. My tourist visa was a week or so out of date. At the airport I just paid the 300 pesos and that was that. No problem with the re-entry to Argentina due to overstay either. I had wanted to extend my visa before leaving the country so I went down to the...