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    Highest salaries in Argentina?

    I have referred to this site - - countless times to compare 'apples to apples' in various expense categories. The site...
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    Xoom Money Transfer

    I am a little concerned, Jels, Happy to help if I can, but this seems a little but strange ... And mind you, as expats, we tend to be always be cautious ... So far my transactions have been (relatively) without attachment (as Argentine manner goes). Can anyone else vouch for this guy? You...
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    Xoom Money Transfer

    Of further note, the folks on the horn at TW are sharp, spot on and always seem to get to the heart of the matter - despite my (and our) semi-complicated circumstances ...
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    Xoom Money Transfer

    Not speaking to any particulars as I have not read them closely enough, but in my circumstance I have used TW to send monies to the bank ICBC here in BA (in USD). There was a bit of 'setup' that was necessary with TW (couple of phone calls and documents emailed / simple), but once that was in...
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    Lawyer recommendation for Argentina immigration?

    Gabriel Celano is excellent.
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    New Residency Requirements from March 2019

    Thanks, Steve. Your replies are always in depth and insightful (gratitude!) Yes, I believe I did need a full US background check for one of my earlier renewals and for a gringo like me (with only intermediate Spanish) having the help (and hand holding) of an attorney was the most sensible route...
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    New Residency Requirements from March 2019

    Just finished renewing my residency a few months ago (for the 3rd year in a row without US background check this time). Next year I am eligible for permanent residency. I am from the States. Will I need to 'start from zero' and start all over again, please? This is worrying as this year's...
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    Is it normal for Argentinians to tease gringos about their Spanish accent?

    My Spanish is intermediate and in the rare case when I was teased about my yankee accent, it was all in good fun ... Actually just yesterday in una tienda I was complimented on my pronunciation! Happens more often than not that my Spanish is complimented, because locals know, at the least, I am...
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    Ubers or taxis? currency exchange?

    Uber for me all the way! Always have had a great experience (95%) And generally much less expensive ...
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    Washington Post article

    Exactly. In what way is this 'news'? I had the privilege to attend my daughter's 'destination wedding' in San Francisco recently and yet the folks on the street were actually pitfall. Here, we had all flown in for my beautiful daughter's event, and yet I was left feeling very sad and dumbfounded...
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    "USA Run"

    I did that for some years before I received my residency and had reasonable success. Mind you this was some years ago and I would imagine things may be quite different now.
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    Standard running track open to public? (Near Palermo?)

    Same question here ... Would enjoy running close to Palermo!
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    Argentina vs. EU

    Given your circumstance, I believe I would choose Argentina. If your (husband's) pension is in USD, then that is a plus, absolutely (iow, even though there is significant inflation here in Arg, your USDs will be able to keep pace, more or less). And in Argentina there is both public and private...
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    Tattoos in BA

    Rishab, Tell Rocio that Greg referred you - She looks forward to hearing from you!
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    Tattoos in BA

    Rocio Blasco! I know her personally and she is a multi-international award winning artist. Amazing work!
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    Why does Argentina make it hard to deposit money in it`s banks?

    To renew my residency I needed to make some deposits into my Banco de Nacion account. I had done that in cash in years past. This time I wired money through a US corporation (and not large sums) and - full stop! Everything was frozen. What is worse is that my account was opened in Salta and I'm...
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    BsAs Cost of Living

    This is a great tool for comparing Cost of Living between almost countless cites ...
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    TransferWise comes to Argentina

    Here's another service that popped up on my radar last week too -
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    TransferWise comes to Argentina

    True, Steve