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  1. stargatefix

    I need help getting my cat adopted by Wednesday.

    The hardest thing I have ever had to do is happening right now. My fur baby was my everything and has been everywhere with me since he was born. Please no judgement (even though I know some of you still will...) I just need to find him a new home. I split with my ex who is moving out of the...
  2. stargatefix

    Chili Question

    Anyone know of any grocery store or specialty store or even a plant nursery where I can find some pablano peppers? I know it's a long shot.
  3. stargatefix

    New Years Eve 2015

    I was reading an old post about NYE from last year and noticed that a lot of things are not open until AFTER midnight... That most folks stay home with friends and family and than go out later. My question is if anyone knows of any midnight celebration events that may be going on this year...
  4. stargatefix

    Looking For Dried Ancho Chilis

    Does anyone know where I could buy some ancho chilis? Im from Los Angeles from a Mexican family and raised on Mexican food, I need to have me some damn enchiladas! lol There is only so much bland Argentine food I can handle. Though I could totally live off of cheese and onion empanadas...
  5. stargatefix

    Moving From Los Angeles

    Hi everyone! I am from Los Angeles, and will be moving to BA in August. I have never been, but I am really excited to be living some place where the people are so passionate about where they live. Can't wait to get there, and hope I make a few friends on this site. Anyways just thought I...