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    Did I miss Nov dinner also? When is next dinner please?

    I am! just let me know the details!
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    what can a single gal to do over Christmas?

    I could be interested! Am not 100% sure I will be here but will know for sure in a week or so! Anyone else?
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    what can a single gal to do over Christmas?

    Hi there I´m on my own here in BsAs, and my friends that I have here will be leaving BA for Xmas...I wanted to know if there are any social events for expats or travellers over Xmas that I could go to here in BsAs? Alternatively I would be interested in getting away for a few days...maybe...
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    wanting to make some girl friends.....

    Hi there I am a singla gal from Sydney coming to BA for a month in November on my own...just need to get away for a I want to upgrade my spanish skills! :) I don't know anyone there so would love to meet up with you girls if you plan anything during my stay. Just keep me...