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  1. gracielle

    Coffee Chat on TUESDAY, July 23 at Alto Palermo

    We meet from 5:30 - 6:30pm at ALTO PALERMO Shopping. ****Please RSVP so we have a guess as to how many chairs to grab**** Those in attendance who wish to stay beyond 6:30pm can do so. Come and join English-speaking expats for lively and informative conversations. We gather OUTSIDE STARBUCKS at...
  2. gracielle

    How much philanthropy is there in Argentina from mega rich?

    Impressive.... Xapo[edit] Casares is the CEO of Xapo, a bitcoin wallet startup based in Palo Alto, California.[12] Xapo is said to be the largest custodian of bitcoin in the world and is believed to hold as much as $10 billion of the cryptocurrency in underground vaults on five continents...
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    17 July 2019 How much it will cost and when the subway line F will be ready
  4. gracielle

    Highest salaries in Argentina?

    Sounds great. Such info deserves a separate thread!
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    Hope springs least on the subject of expanding the CABA subway system.
  6. gracielle

    Coffee chat Tues. July 16@ Starbucks

    Table for 8. Thank you one and all, regulars and newcomers, for your contribution to another lively chat.
  7. gracielle

    Coffee chat Tues. July 16@ Starbucks

    Count me in!
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    ATMs at Ezeiza

    Hi FrankPintor....welcome to BAexpats! My update on the use of local ATM's: I have been able to withdraw cash at many ATMs throughout CABA from both networks...the BANELCO (AB logo) and LINK (logo) using my Schwab debit card. BANELCO network.....ATM withdrawals at Banco Santander Rio, HSBC...
  9. gracielle

    ATMs at Ezeiza

    You can use BANELCO and LINK ATM's when utilizing the Schwab debit card. At Ezeiza there is an HSBC ATM (Banelco network) and a Banco Nacion ATM (Link network). I have yet to utilize either one so I cannot tell you the locations or whether it's safe or not. ATM's in the province of BA operate...
  10. gracielle

    Coffee chat @Starbucks Alto Palermo Tues . July 9th

    Table for 6. As Jazmin posted it was an ideal evening to sit outside! Thank you Neil for hosting the Coffee Chat and to the regulars and newcomers for your contribution to another lively chat.
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    Hello Michelle, Welcome to BAexpats! The Coffee Chat group usually meets on Tuesdays in the public outdoor area of Alto Palermo Shopping. Look for the thread announcement posted on Mondays. We meet from 5:30 - 6:30pm at ALTO PALERMO Shopping. ****Please RSVP so we have a guess as to how many...
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    Translation help

    Per Google Translate.... its particular modernist design is clearly clean, reserved, sharp, outstanding, with a simple use of geometry and with aspirations to monumentality.
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    massive power failure

    There was no subway/pre-metro services at 7:07am. Subway services on Sundays begin at 8:00am and Pre-metro at 8:09, 8:31 and 8:39am. It appears that no injuries/fatalities were reported by the railway lines and/or by those passengers who were...
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    massive power failure

    hear, hear....
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    massive power failure

    Without a doubt it affects primarily electrodependent residents. 16 de junio de 2019 • 18:04 ....Mayra is the secretary of the Association of Electrodependent Patients and one of the people who fought...
  16. gracielle

    massive power failure

    5:36 AM - 16 Jun 2019 [IMPORTANT] The potable water distribution system of @AySA_Oficial is without power due to the general failure in the interconnection system. We request that users make a rational use of water. #SinLuz #CorteDeLuz
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    massive power failure

    I was online at 7:07am. Electricity was restored in my area, Parque Rivadavia/Caballito, at 12:00 noon. Lopetegui, Minister of Energy, will give a news conference at 3:00pm.
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    Favourite tango classics

    La Cumparsita-Juan D´Arienzo
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    Market For a Luxury Realtor with Multiple Languages and Experience

    Real Estate Agent.... Colegio Unico de Corredores Inmobiliarios de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires Auctioneer......Martillero Publico