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  1. Johnny

    American-style granola

    I'm a fan of Orann Granola that I pick up at Matcha Life. A 1KG bag for 270p.
  2. Johnny

    Highest salaries in Argentina?

    Some friends and I were trying to remember the name of that place months ago. A diamond in the rough.
  3. Johnny

    Xoom Money Transfer

    I recently used TW to send money to Macro bank. No charge.
  4. Johnny

    What’s Eating Leo Messi and the National Team Squad?

    Its a poor midfield and has been for a few years now. Lo Celso is a decent footballer with a future though. Add in a very inexperienced manager and you have a squad lucky if they make the knockout stage.
  5. Johnny

    massive power failure

    This particular outage had nothing to do with the past frequent outages. A different beast altogether.
  6. Johnny

    Sushi Inflation in Buenos Aires

    Words out of my mouth! I should have known it wasn't here!
  7. Johnny

    Sushi Inflation in Buenos Aires

    Where oh where is this?!
  8. Johnny

    Whole Foods-esque

    There is a New Garden on Rodriguez Peña in Recoleta. I've seen others around town but can't recall where.
  9. Johnny

    Henry Kissinger and Argentina

    There's a lot of that going around.
  10. Johnny

    English speaking hairstylist

    Yep! I'm in the market myself. Too bad Ryan went back to Canada many years ago.
  11. Johnny

    Spurs in the Champions League Final

    I'd say Locos is a very safe bet.
  12. Johnny

    Why is there a colectivo/taxi "paro" tomorrow?

    Just read that it has been called off.
  13. Johnny

    Cristina is running for Vice

    Now Lavagna has thrown his hat in the ring. Good. More splintering of the vote the better.
  14. Johnny

    Electric buses on Line 59

    Small steps in the right direction, but they all count.
  15. Johnny

    Spurs in the Champions League Final

    Locos X El Futbol is another place to check out. They have shown Champion's League games all along. At the corner of Las Heras and Uriburu.
  16. Johnny

    Spurs in the Champions League Final

    The burly barkeep is a Chelsea fan. I don't know about the owner.
  17. Johnny

    OSDE for incoming tourists

    If you are under 65 Swiss Medical will cover you as well. Indeed, go to their office. In addition, it is not necessary to tell them you are only here for 2-3 months or whatever. They will cover you. They (like all of them) want your money. But, do tell them when you leave the country so you can...
  18. Johnny

    Best U.S.-based bank for expats in Argentina

    A bit of levity Ben.:)
  19. Johnny

    New to Western Union

    Thanks. It seems I'll be exploring a number of alternatives.
  20. Johnny

    Best U.S.-based bank for expats in Argentina

    I would like to be introduced to such people. I am a model of discretion with a semi-hefty bank balance in the USA! USA!