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  1. HenryNisental

    Can Argentine buy a gun for collect?

    Couple of more things: A) I think that if you own front loaded guns (that is,it does not uses regular bullets but loose gun powder) you do not have to get a CLU from ANMAC. B) If you go a Saturday morning to the TIRO FERERAL DE LOMAS DE ZAMORA) you can do almost everything there (medical,vision...
  2. HenryNisental

    Can Argentine buy a gun for collect?

    If you are a legal resident you can buy any gun for personal defense at your home (no CCW here) You go to an ARMERIA (gun shop) and they will sell it and do the paper work for you, or you can do it at the ANMAC office, located in B Mitre St and Parana I think. You have to have a clean police...
  3. HenryNisental


    I did not vote for Macri nor Cristina ever. But people must realize the the real culprit of ALL financial crisis in this country was, and still is, the horrendous fiscal deficit. This many faced monster has destroyed almost EVERY goverment that any adult must remember here, such as: The...
  4. HenryNisental

    Correo Argentino

    Hey, I just received my first shipment of parts from the good old USA using the new home delivery system in place now. I used the net to do all the paperwork, and then I paid the custom duties in PAGO FACIL, and then, VOILA!!!!! After about a week I received the package at my home. I recommend...
  5. HenryNisental

    Macri Or Fernandez's Who Will Win Paso

    Basicallly anybody can vote. The thing is what matters is the TOTAL votes a party canget. It will be a mesasure of that party's electoral power. Nobody will officially win or lose, it will be a measure of strengh. Last polls indicate an small edege for the FF formula by about 3%, but this is...
  6. HenryNisental

    Macri Or Fernandez's Who Will Win Paso

    Nobody will win these elections, they are internal for each party, thus there is no competition at all.
  7. HenryNisental

    Transfering a large sum of money from Canada to Argentina

    You can deposit large sums of money in any bank safely, as long you do not leave there for decades, since once every ten years or so there is a fiscal crisis that goverments try to solve by, somehow, confiscating banks accounts, specially those nominated in foreign currency. But for short terms...
  8. HenryNisental

    Amazon Prime ordering

    I opened a free mail box in Miami from Aerolineas Argentinas, apparently you can buy stuff and ship it to that PO Box, and then they will fly it here at a cost of about 3 USD per Kg, plus import duties if any. I have not used it yet, and you can bring a max of 3 identical items, but not...
  9. HenryNisental

    Transfering a large sum of money from Canada to Argentina

    You may contact BANCO PIANO, they do a lot of dolar transfers
  10. HenryNisental

    Transfering a large sum of money from Canada to Argentina

    If you arrive at Ezeiza with a very large cash amount, you will not get to your hotel in BA alive!
  11. HenryNisental


    It looks that this city will have a new subway line going from Palermo to Barracas. It will be named F line, and the last station in Barracas will be named CALIFORNIA!!
  12. HenryNisental

    Need to have an important document mailed to me in Argentina. How reliable is postal service here?

    I do not think you have to pay any tariff or custom duties for any printed material. Books do not pay anything
  13. HenryNisental

    Translation help

    I would use the word sharp here. Cutting edge refers more to new technologies,etc.
  14. HenryNisental


    Does anybody has a good pair of binoculars for sale?
  15. HenryNisental

    Marriage Certificate translation

    Pls help! My niece has a marrying certificate from California dated 1992. She needs to present it to a court for a property procedure, but they will not accept it as it is now. Any body knows what is the procedure to translate /legalize it?
  16. HenryNisental

    Argentina's complicated economic situation

    Yeah, like 70 years longer than expected....
  17. HenryNisental

    What Is Inflation?

    Regrding salaries valued in USD during HER goverment, it was based on a ficticious value of the dollar. I can go to any bank now and buy a USD at 46 pesos. During HER goverment, the dollar was say 12 pesos, but you could not buy it legally ANYWHERE (remember the arbolitos CAMBIO, CAMBIO,etc)...
  18. HenryNisental

    Central Bank madness

    If she knows how to fix the country, why did not she do it when she was 8 years in power?