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    One Country, Eight Defaults

    I'll actually only leave mine up for a few days as it's fair use for discussion on the forum in my view. I'll take it down after to avoid copyright violations tho :p
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    One Country, Eight Defaults

    Camel, too slow :p
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    One Country, Eight Defaults

    Part 2: 1982 During Argentina’s Dirty War, the military dictatorship borrowed, mainly from U.S. and British banks, to fund infrastructure projects and state industries. The nation’s foreign debt ballooned to $46 billion from $8 billion. Then commodity prices collapsed again when the Federal...
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    One Country, Eight Defaults

    No paywall when I clicked, here you go: " Bloomberg Subscribe Photographer: Erica Canepa/Bloomberg One Country, Eight Defaults: The Argentine Debacles By Ben Bartenstein , Sydney Maki , and Marisa Gertz September 11, 2019, 7:00 AM GMT-3 Argentina is, by nearly all accounts, catapulting...
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    Central Bank nearly broke !

    Very sad, and also very unsurprising. Buckle up your seatbelts, it's going to be quite a ride...
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    Proof of source of funds - Rentista visa

    This works. Trusts are the way forward. Good Luck! ;)
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    Private Health Insurance 2019

    Reads like a telenovela, very interesting, thanks for sharing!
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    Private Health Insurance 2019

    I'm curious, did they return the peso amount corrected for inflation? I assume not and that in 12 months you took a big hit in real terms?
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    Private Health Insurance 2019

    Thanks for that. I'll look into your critique. Who is I've never heard of them and can't find any details on their owners/funding/bias etc. Not saying I don't trust them, necessarily. The miobrasocial site ranks based on the evaluations of a large number of service users...
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    Private Health Insurance 2019

    I'd recommend this site instead/as well: They have quite a lot of info. Have also been looking into OSDEPYM health insurance. They cover empresarios, profesionales and monotributistas. Ambito just published a short about them today actually...
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    Private Health Insurance 2019

    Hey, I will do but have slightly paused everything for now. I'll eventually get back to it I suspect, but don't wait up so to speak.
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    Street Photography and the Law

    Here is some related/further info for you: Good luck.
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    Private Health Insurance 2019

    Keep us updated , and congrats on y DNI! :-)
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    Plastic straws banned in BA restaurants.

    McDonalds had them restricted behind the counter for a few months and people had to specifically ask for them. Now they are back to handing them out automatically with every meal. Cheers!
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    World media in overdrive on Argentina

    I just read through the, somewhat long, and purely speculative 'article' linked. It provides zero substantive evidence that there where historically, or presently, any plans to use Patagonia as some sort of colateral with which to settle the debts owed. The article merley references a set of...
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    Should Argentina's Economy be Dollarized Now.

    I was mocking the article and the populist K's. Just as I do with the neo-liberals. They both deserve to be derided whenever possible imho. Cheers!
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    Should Argentina's Economy be Dollarized Now.

    It shouldn't be necessary to dolarize. The peso:dollar only went up because Macri is a bad person. As soon as the K's are back it will all be great! source:
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    The default is righ here.

    I agree with a lot of that. Though please stop calling this batch of peronists/k's "radical socialists". They are quite obviously a faux left wing cleptocratic mafiosi populist grouping. Let's never forget that the only ideological content peronism has is the thirst for raw power. That's why...
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    Pro Government March scheduled for this Saturday August 24.

    How dare you mock the good Dr. !!! He stands above us all , defending the downtrodden and shining light on the neferious Islamic-Nazi cabal that threatens the great, nay Holy, Argentine Peronist Utopía. /Sarcasm
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    Do ppl ever just hookup in BA?

    Sounds like they are looking for a one night stand, and if they hit it off, a girlfriend. Or did I misunderstand? Finding a FWB in a bar, ya sure that could work too. Nothing wrong with using the modalities of the 20th century if that's what you are most comfortable with. Equally, nothing...