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    Best country to move to when life in Argentina becomes intolerable .

    Pierre Smith is off base a bit on Colombia. Colombia has a VERY small expat population (me included)....Where I live it is 68-81 degrees everyday and Bogota is certainly colder and the typical food is not is awful
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    Getting dollars in Argentina

    Especially for BenL.....I would imagine that if 'worse came to worse'...(and that depends which side you are on)...that people on this site might just have their own intercambio meeting each others needs.
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    Getting dollars in Argentina

    FA...thank you. I am not ever going to need or walk around with 10K.....if it all comes about I will contact you... perhaps there is 'strength in numbers' or worse case ...two dopes with $$
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    Getting dollars in Argentina

    d.gray.....THAT is what I have been wondering about. Thank you for your input. I know a foreign company operating in Argentina that pays its employee this way (+5000 dollars per month...not me) Now I sit back and watch.
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    Getting dollars in Argentina

    If the amount of money is $1800 per month, taking account ATM fees and any conversion fees, it seems like a no brainer to go to Uruguay. The transfer itself is under $20....then minus the ferry expense. Have I got this right?...especially if the dollars can be changed at the Blue Dollar rate...
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    Getting dollars in Argentina

    Anyway....about my original question.....if someone did NOT have a bank account in Argentina and wired money to themself in Uruguay and picked it up in Uruguay and then purchased pesos in the 'blue market'....what am I missing about this idea. A trip once a month maybe on the ferry...
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    Is your purchasing power up?

    In response to your question......I did a study using 'official' statistics from the UN or some such place...not from the Argentine government. The time period covers one year starting April 2018 to April 2019. It uses what is an 'official basket of food' purchased in U.S. dollars, for...
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    Transferwise transfers cancelled due to the rapidly changing Arg exchange rate

    Neil...thank you for your post....informative
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    Getting dollars in Argentina

    Can't someone just send money to themself in Uruguay via Western Union and then return to BA? It costs $16 for a pickup of $1000.00.