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    How ugly has it gotten, or not?

    i guess nobody is starving in their province. typical tone deaf politicians.
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    Lest we forget

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    WSJ: Bury the Peso

    i read that yesterday, i thought it was great. my argie girlfriend agreed wholeheartedly!
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    Ny times Don Julio review

    i've been twice and thought the food was outstanding. even if it is a tourist destination.
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    Lest we forget

    yep, those union thugs probably can't wait for frente de todos to win so that they can go back to their usual thievery.
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    Ny times Don Julio review

    pony prosciutto? interesting...
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    Lest we forget

    i await our resident lawyer's insightful rebuttal
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    Comparing Buenos Aires to Sydney Australia .

    i agree with your thoughts on the first video... i could listen to her talk all day!
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    Everything About Sending Money Out Of Argentina

    yeah, it can't hurt to just try a wire for whatever amount you want. worst they can do is say no. and if they do try again with a different teller :)
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    Everything About Sending Money Out Of Argentina

    the fees i paid to wire money once were less than what it would cost me to buy multiple trips to uruguay on buquebus...
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    Everything About Sending Money Out Of Argentina

    i thought about bitcoin when i moved here but the problem is finding where to buy it here. i was not able to get an account at the local exchanges here in the country.
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    Everything About Sending Money Out Of Argentina

    welcome to the club... for starters, even with these controls you are still able to transfer money out of the country. my understanding is the limit is 10k USD per month, but i have had some people tell me that this may not even apply to foreigners living here. i'm not sure if the second part...
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    Comparing Buenos Aires to Sydney Australia .

    you have been drinking the argentina koolaid for far too long i think perry :) and i think your opinion of taxis here is extremely generous.
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    Candidate Fernandez to Adopt Portuguese Economic Reforms ??

    good luck with that here. are there unions in portugal?
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    Beyond Meat (vegetarian meat) coming to Argentina by the end of the year

    impossible burgers are pretty tasty, pretty hard to tell the difference. will be interesting to see the price of them here...
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    Cristina's culpability in the financial crisis and if capital controls will work under the peronists

    ask yourself these questions: why was it macri didn't inherit a mountain of debt? why was poverty lower? how were those social programs being paid for? why do you think the exchange rate was "stable" during the K years? FF probably will win, because unfortunately the population wants "futbol...
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    here come the currency controls although it seems for now this won't affect individuals, although it is reported individuals will have a limit of 10k USD per month to...
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    ATM changes

    stores doesn't even like to give change for a 100 :)
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    Getting dollars in Argentina

    i guess you could. but how are you getting to uruguay to pick them up?
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    Unidad de Informacion Financiera (UIF) will control credit/debit card transactions

    financing terrorism with credit cards? are cartel guys buying rocket launchers in quotas from coto?