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    1st International Tango Festival in Mar del Plata

    Just want to let everybody know about the above event which is taking place 6-10 January 2010. Please watch for further details. Michelle
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    Should Maradonna be sacked - or even walk!

    Hi Liam, I watched the match at a packed restobar the other night and I was just as upset as the locals to see Argentina lose. I would hate to see a World Cup without Argentina. It certainly won't be the same for me watching the World Cup next year without my adopted country playing. Let's...
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    Buses to Mar Del Plata?

    There are loads of buses that come to Mar del Plata and the price is approx. 100 pesos each way. My favourite company is Plusmar because they have suites. My husband prefers Tony Turs because they give you Havanna alfajors (ha ha ha). Some of the other companies are Chevalier, Flechabus...
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    Football Tickets

    Just go to the River stadium a few hours before the match and you should be able to get a platea ticket for around 80 pesos. The stadium is in a nice area and easy to get to, either by bus (I don't know the numbers) or taxi. Many tourists have managed to go to the River stadium without a tour...
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    Visiting BA in October

    I love the Carlosvia and stay there everytime I am in Buenos Aires. It is a great boutique hotel at a good price. The owners are great and speak English and so do their staff. The website pictures are exactly what the hotel looks like - there are no surprises. The hotel is in an area called...
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    hello from Missouri; moving to BA soon!

    I have a friend who rents rooms (female only) and one of her room mates is moving out. She advertises on Craigslist - her name is Rose Zuffi. The apartment is in the centre of Buenos Aires - Congresso. Good luck with your move. Michelle
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    New "chic" hotels in BA?

    My favourite is in Abasto. Michelle
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    Bed and Breakfast or Nice non-touristy hotels

    My favourite place is in Abasto. I have stayed there many times and will be there again next week. It's a great boutique hotel in a non-touristy area with English speaking staff and owners. If you love tango, Abasto is the place to be with loads of tango shops, classes and...
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    Argentine visas

    I just want to add one thing to the previous posts. UK citizens do not need police reports as the UK does not have a federal government, unlike the USA. Michelle
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    Apt in Mar del Plata

    I have a friend who has a studio apartment in the centre of Mar del Plata, which I think is available. If you are interested, please let me know. I live in Mar del Plata, so please feel free to ask for any advice. Regards Michelle
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    New English Newspaper

    I don't have a website relating to the newspaper, maybe in the future, but I do have a website relating to Mar del Plata which you could bookmark and I will add a page regarding the newspaper at some stage. www.mar-del-plata-argentina.netMichelle
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    New English Newspaper

    I am creating the first free English educational newspaper for learners of English in Argentina. I am looking for people to contribute articles regarding their trip to Argentina, their new life in Argentina, short stories and interesting news articles. Do you have a specific topic you would...