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    Universal Postal Union Treaty Withdrawal in mid-October 2019

    The Trump administration is attacking voting rights again - this time the rights of Americans abroad - through their plans to withdraw from the Universal Postal Union in mid October as part of their trade war abroad. If the withdrawal goes forward, postal mail service to the United States will...
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    Free Concerts In Buenos Aires

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    Free Health Coverage For All In The City Of Buenos Aires

    Yes, it's just like Medicare in the USA. The money comes from taxes I pay living in the city. I get a return on my investment in the form of healthcare. I paid into Social Security for years, and now I receive a monthly benefit to live on. Socialism takes care of people.
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    Animal abuse Inquire about the dog, whether its been found recently in this condition and being cared for or its been abused.
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    Free Health Coverage For All In The City Of Buenos Aires

    Artisans asked me about signing up for Coberatura Portena de Salud which is still offered in the city at certain hospitals. I am on the plan and am satisfied with it enough to recommend it to those who cannot afford a private plan. I can't justify paying 8000/month for a private plan when CoPS...
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    Free Health Coverage For All In The City Of Buenos Aires

    Find the hospital which is in your neighborhood and go there during the week in the morning 9-12 when the Coberatura Porteno de Salud office is open where you sign up. Present your DNI. Provide your email and telephone. You'll be given a form showing you are signed up (no more plastic cards)...
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    Argentina most unhappy country in the world ?

    I walk the streets with a smile on my face because I feel so joyful all the time. I give a smile to everyone who walks by. Most look away, but occasionally someone smiles back.
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    Democrats In Argentina - Group Forming

    Democrats Abroad Argentina is pleased to announce our next 'Debate Watch Party' of the 2020 Presidential Election! Free entrance for all! On Thursday, September 12th, Democrats Abroad will gather at the American Club of Buenos Aires [Viamonte 1133, Piso 10 (] to...
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    Transferwise transfers cancelled due to the rapidly changing Arg exchange rate

    I did a transfer to myself at 1:30pm today, and it's in my Banco Ciudad account. No problem.
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    Cell Phone Question

    I do not use a cellphone nor do I know if 5G technology has arrived in Argentina, but I want to share what I found about 5G wireless. This is the reason I do not have a cell. You may have heard of 5G, it stands for fifth-generation cellular wireless. In a February 2019 US Senate hearing, the...
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    Free Concerts In Buenos Aires

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    Fear? What do you think are some of the worst things that will happen with F&F in government?

    For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me. Job 3:25
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    Agents in BA for Australian visas

    Closure of Visa Office in Australian Embassy Buenos Aires Effective 25 March 2019 there will no longer be a Visa Office presence at the Australian Embassy in Buenos Aires. You can continue to apply for a range of temporary visas, permanent visas and Australian Citizenship online through your...
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    Wham here comes the tsunami

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    Stracciatella ice cream?

    Why do people always question this forum when Goggle has all the answers? Stracciatella helado donde comprar
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    Macri Or Fernandez's Who Will Win Paso

    The USA could learn something from Argentina about running an organized election, that is, if they cared about democracy and giving all citizens access to voting. I voted many years ago in Chicago on machines with levers and years later on computerized punch cards. I voted today in Balvanera...
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    Macri Or Fernandez's Who Will Win Paso

    I'm over the age required to vote, but I will vote because I am a citizen. Here is an explanation of the voting process. Paper ballots are better than machines.
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    Bus drivers -- complaints and recognition

    New app telling you when your bus will arrive at the corner.