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    Amazon Prime ordering

    Hello, Amazon Prime does work in Argentina. My friends have ordered and they delivered. Items are limited, but it works.
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    Austral or Aleman hospital for giving birth ?

    Dear MapleMan, Since you are in Pilar, go to Austral. There are doctors there that speak English. If you are considering Capital, Trinidad and Mater Dei are very good hospitals. IFER is fantastic too. Ask for Dr. Young Jr. I hope this helps.
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    Seeking Bilingual Tutor for 13 year old child.

    Hi Amy, I can help you with your son. I have taught English in middle school as a private school teacher in BA and I am a Spanish teacher in New Jersey. If you are interested, give me a call. 0113 676 5304. Anna Catania
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    Domestic Help - En Blanco? En Negro? help

    Just to be on the safe side, hire all domestic employees en blanco. They know the law and they will take advantage of it, if they are in negro. And Yes, the employee is always right.
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    Portable Wifi Router

    I just bought a TP Link router for some rooms in my house. It seems to be working well. They costs around $2000 pesos in any computer store, like Garbarino.
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    Will I get charged a tax if I bring a PlayStation 4 through EZE?

    If they don't see it, you won't get charged. Just have the receipt with you, just in case.
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    Easiest way to get to Bariloche from BA?

    No way, I would fly. Like everybody said, there are great rates for families with small children. The driving is not like the US. No bathrooms when you need them.
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    English and Spanish lessons from home

    Hello Everyone, I am giving English lessons and Spanish for Foreigners/Argentines to adults or children. I will be doing it online and if you live in the Northern region of Buenos Aires, I go to your home. I have been doing this for many years, but now I am including the online aspect of it. If...
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    New to this forum, but not new to Argentina

    Hello Fiscal, That's great that your job in the States let's you work from here. I wasn't that lucky. I had to leave my teaching job when I came here. I am looking for something like that to work for an American company or school but here in BA. For now I am exploring the possibility in...
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    New to this forum, but not new to Argentina

    Hello Fiscal, I am married to an Argentine, who missed his family and friends. Since my career was more flexible then his, we decided to move. How long have you been here? What do you do? Thanks for replying.
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    New to this forum, but not new to Argentina

    Hello Expats, I am Anna and I have recently found this forum. I have been living in Buenos Aires, Northern area of Pilar, for 13 years. I am originally from New Jersey. I am an English teacher here and a Spanish teacher in NJ, but I am looking for a change. It is nice to get to know others who...