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    Looking for an apartment asap

    Hi, I got some great help on this site before regarding work visa help so I'm going to try again this time regarding room/apartment rentals. I'm looking for an apartment or a room to rent as soon as possible, I work in the Micro-center so something as close to there as possible would be ideal...
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    Work Visa Help

    Sorry I'm sure there have been many questions like this before but I'm looking for some advice on a work visa. I've just landed a nice little job over here and I'm looking for info about obtaining a work visa. I got some information about some of the forms I need filled in and it looks like a...
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    Another new newbie

    Hi, Stumbled across this site via google and thought I'd say hi as the site seems friendly and full of info. I've been here just over a month now, moved here with my girlfriend (who's from here originally)A little about me I'm male 27 and oringally from the Highlands of Scotland, moved to London...