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    Looking for a Burger!

    Thanks for your help I'll give some of these places a try and report back with my findings! :)
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    Looking for a Burger!

    I was just wondering if anyone knew of a good place for a burger. My roommates seem to think that Burger King is the best option, but I have to have more faith in BA than that. I have been dying to find a place, but am not sure where to look. I have had many decent burgers, but the only...
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    July 4th?!

    I was wondering if anyone had the desire to do anything to celebrate? I am probably going to go out and get my American drink on somewhere and was wondering if anyone else wanted to join, or had suggestions on a location? Obviously bbq and fireworks will not be apart of the equation, but...
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    June 24th dinner.

    I don't know who all is actually reading these things, but I had a really great time at the dinner and after when we moved on to Gibraltar. However, I stupidly didn't get anyone's contact info really so I was wondering if anyone who was there is out there and wants to give me an email or shout...
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    SO I wanted to introduce myself too. My name is Adrienne. I am 23. I have been here since the first of March and I will be returning to the US on the first of October. I am a born and raised New Yorker from the Upper West Side of Manhattan. I graduated in May of '04 with my BBA in...