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  1. lamarque

    Attention For The People That Trade In Blue Dollars Is about bands that dedicate themself to steal people that carry a lot of money from blue dollars sellers, is an interesting article to rise the attention, is in spanish but you can use...
  2. lamarque

    Argentine Experience As Expat In Ireland

    Long time that i don’t post in this forum, i was arranging all the details to be comfortable in Dublin. Now probably you will see me around the forum more often as there is not that much work right now, so i have plenty of time in the office. Economy is not that good anymore in here, well to be...
  3. lamarque

    Blue Dollar Going Down Very Quickly

    Anyone have an idea of why the blue dollars has go down so quickly from 8 to 7,6 in 2 days?
  4. lamarque

    Argentine Government Will Make More Cheap To Tranfer Dollars

    The government will put correo argentino to compete against western union as this last company have been taking advantage of the people sending family help outside the country by charging them 48%. Now tranfer 300 usd outside the country by Correo argentino will cost 6% and you just need your...
  5. lamarque

    Need A Good Spanish Intensive Curse, Any Recommendation?

    A friend of mine is comming to the city and is looking to do some weeks of intensive morning and afternon Spanish curse, If any of you have some good place to recomend or information like prices, place in where the school is?, group composition? and any detail you can mention it would be preciated.
  6. lamarque

    Iberia Strike Am I Screwed?

    Hello guys this is the first time i will have a strike in the day i flight, so any advice to know what i should do in this case will be appreciated, My flight is on the 19 of December in Iberia Airlines (the Spanish Airline), it scale on Madrid and final destination Berlin, this week i realize...
  7. lamarque

    What Colonia Is Missing?

    I would like to hear some opinions of the people that do the trip to colonia to renew the visa, what you think that is missing there? what can be done there that you would pay for if it where offered there? Any kind of information or idea that you could provide me it will be very welcomed Do...
  8. lamarque

    Why We Might Soon See Another Argentine Default

    Why we might soon see another Argentine default · sovereign debt Judge Thomas Griesa, of the Southern District court in Manhattan, is mad as hell, and he’s not going to take it any more. Yesterday he unleashed three different orders and declarations on Argentina, all of which might...
  9. lamarque

    6,99 menu per person in carrefour

    Have you guys checked this? It say that carrefour is now offering menus to eat a full day for 6,99 per person. Anyone have saw this or is just starting now? Is it enought to actually eat for an entire day?
  10. lamarque

    Crime sensation and real crime! opinion

    I have seen a lot of post about it but I want more to discuss an article that I have read recently, i don't totally agree with what is been said in there but mostly I agree and I think that is happening a lot in this city and even in this forum. I have seen people posting thinks that don't mach...
  11. lamarque

    About Airlines Fares! need help

    Hello all, i know that this subject has been discussed already but i need to know if anybody had try to buy a airline ticket in in the other open topics no one finish clarifying if at the end work for someone or didn’t work and what happen if they realize that you are not...