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    The default is righ here.

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    Fear. What do you think is the worst that can happen is Macri stays in power.

    To become Venezuela, of course.
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    Rapi & others banned.

    LA NACION - Revés judicial para los deliveries: un juez suspendió la actividad y ordenó operativos policiales - A Judge ordered to suspend all activity until the companies full fit the safety regulations for his workers.
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    Prices update at Central Martket.

    Some other prices I didn’t take picture: Avocado 10 pesos each (minimum 10). Pineapple 2x100. Strawberry 100 per kilo. Anco: 180 per bag of 18 kg. Apples: between 450 up to 900 per box of 18 kgs. Spinach: 240 per box of 12. Corn: 450 per box of 18 kgs.
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    DNI required to marry

    Today I went the the City Hall at Recoleta and they rejected one if our witnesses because she only has passport. Slaves (foreigner without legal residency) and serfs (foreigners with legal residency) could not be witness at the Koran. They asked about my fiancè DNI and there was no issue...
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    US citizen deported at Ezeiza

    Yesterday a US cirizen was deported at Ezeiza for the abuse of the I-94 (tourist visa). FYI.
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    Central Market (fruits & vegetables) update

    Today I went to the Central Market where you find ultra fresh vegetable at a very low price. I bought one box of sweet corn for 350 p that means 16 kilos or 38 corns. Red big apples 20 p. Oranges 3 kg per 30 p Pupking one soccer ball size for 30 p Grapes green ultra sweet seedless 3 kg 60...
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    More precedents against the DNU 70/2017

    A new precedent from another Federal Chamber declared the DNU 70/2017 unconstitutional in very hard terms. It says that the own negligency of Immigration does not allow the President to enact a DNU because the immigrant is a victim of it and not responsible.
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    DNU 70/2017 declared unconstitutional regarding citizenship

    Even there were many decisions against the DNU, this one is irrefutable.
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    Immigration fees went up 300%
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    Parents prosecuted for not Vaccining baby

    As far as many here dislike vaccins, here some local info: according to the criminal code, if the son dies it is alike murder. LA NACION - Denuncian a los padres de un bebe que no fue vacunado y está internado por meningitis bacteriana -
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    The DNU 70/2017 is dead! :)

    The DNU 70/2017 was declared unconstitutional. So, it is dead. Here is de opinión of the Federal Prosecutor:
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    The yellow balloon is deflating

    The Federal Chamber enact a decision where they states that the DNU 70/2017: A) it is inapplicable to those immigrants who arrived before February 2017; B) it is inapplicable because the SC has pacific precedents for over 70 years conceding citizenship without legal entry and legal residency; C)...
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    Mike Tyson Deported At Eze This is how the wide freedom of immigration agents works.
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    (Automatic) Arrest Without Legal Order At Immigration

    There is a new police office at Immigration where they arrest you just with the indications of any immigration agent if they find out you are irregular. The excuse is that they have to confirm your address but once you are at the police office you cannot leave. So, I complained because it was...
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    Happy Fraud 2017

    Now it is a fact the current administration made an electoral fraud. So, what's next?
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    Uber Banned
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    New Immigration Decree, Long Life To King Macri!

    The King wants to change radically the immigration and citizenship law by decree. The Republic has died, long life to the King. Among other modifications, youc can be arrested and deported without deportation order and without Court control. Nice, I feel at the 4th Reich...
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    The Breakdown Is Here: Jail For Irregulars

    Macri enacted the decree for a jail for foreiners without legal residence: