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  1. Bajo_cero2

    Feminist teenager is running for office

    I do not see how this might be a news when we had for 8 years a female President who is feminist. Helloooooo.
  2. Bajo_cero2

    Macri appeals to voters at massive rally

    You mean ad hominen? Argentina has been so isolated for the last 70 years, that it does not influcence wtf Trump wants. Wait and see.
  3. Bajo_cero2

    Christina Kirchner

    childish. It is clear that they are desperate.
  4. Bajo_cero2

    Violent protests in Chile: Will this spread to Argentina?

    This is not happening here because MM is leaving so, people has hope.
  5. Bajo_cero2

    Pro Government March October 19th at the Obelisco.

    It is going to be full [of police without uniforms]:
  6. Bajo_cero2

    Immigration control colapsed

  7. Bajo_cero2

    Machismo and Gender Equality in Argentina

    Catcalls are illegals. Perhaps they are outdated.
  8. Bajo_cero2

    Leopoldo Galtieri: Argentina's other Mussolini

    We have to be so thankful with him. The brain behind all the military coups was the airforce, the army was the muscle and the navy was the fire that lighted the insurrections. Thanks to Galtieri there were many casualties in the airforce and this allowed us to have the last over 30 years of...
  9. Bajo_cero2


    Only the passport is recognize outside the US. All the other IDs are recognize by the US inside its territory. You cannot board an airplane in Argentina with nothing different than a passport.
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    Hunger and poverty have risen abruptly over the past 2 years

    I agree but it is a lie that the public university is expensive in tax terms. 99% of the professors works for free. They give you a chance, you waste it, this is freedom all about.
  11. Bajo_cero2

    Hunger and poverty have risen abruptly over the past 2 years

    there is always slave work available.
  12. Bajo_cero2

    Showing you DNI to authorities.

    The explanation is that at the AR Bill of rights there is not deportation rights but, instead, the right to stay unless you are a public enemy because the deportation is a religious sanction.
  13. Bajo_cero2

    Tango is a caricature of the patriarchy (NYTimes)

    Your supremacist aggressions are directly proportional to your lack of arguments.
  14. Bajo_cero2

    Showing you DNI to authorities.

    Ben, when I was young it was legal for the police to demand you to show your DNI. I used to have long hair and dress as a heavy metal. Of course they asked me the ID all the time and I spent several nights at jail just for checking your criminal records that I had none. Now that I’m old and a...
  15. Bajo_cero2

    Tango is a caricature of the patriarchy (NYTimes)

    Nothing like a good hate speech to remind me that you're as deplorable as a Nazi supremacist.
  16. Bajo_cero2

    Tango is a caricature of the patriarchy (NYTimes)

    The chat with those lesbian activist was that first they complained that they cannot dance at Cachirulo woman/woman. I replied, perhaps you are right, but how are you going to invite women to dance? (Men are in one line, the dancefloor in between, women are in front of them all in another line)...
  17. Bajo_cero2

    Showing you DNI to authorities.

    Ben, you like to make the ridiculous. It is not mandatory to carry the ID in France, neither in Spain:
  18. Bajo_cero2

    Price is Right with a transvestite

    They have a long tradition on that because christian slaves were mainly girls for harims and boys who were systematically castrated for similar purpouses. Slavery was mainly for domestic sex abuse or the army like the Jenizaros. The K’uran describes Heaven as full of young boys beautifull as pearls.