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  1. Risu

    Vegan Dinner Judges?

    Let us know when and we will be there. Sounds fabulous!
  2. Risu

    Nsa Decoded

    This may be of some interest to those who want an overview:
  3. Risu

    I'd Rather Be In Argentina Than On Flight 93 In The Us!

    Perhaps I am in the minority but must say I respect & appreciate Steve's stance on this topic. It's an extremely important topic which will affect millions. His outrage at the injustice of this sham and his compassion for the needless suffering of millions speak volumes about his character. It's...
  4. Risu

    Have You Experienced Prejudice Or Racism In Argentina?

    Found many of the responses on this thread to Arlean's post disturbing. It is one thing to disagree with a persons's opinions or perspective but quite another to call someone ignorant, demean their writing style or mock their ideas totally unrelated to the thread subject on fluoride, organic...
  5. Risu

    Have You Experienced Prejudice Or Racism In Argentina?

    We had numerous meetings with the teacher & director where we brought very detailed accounts of what had taken place. We also had other children who were classmates who had told their parents what our child was experiencing. Initially, we called these incidents bullying. We are very...
  6. Risu

    Have You Experienced Prejudice Or Racism In Argentina?

    Yes, we have experienced discrimination here, but no where near what our child suffered. She was enrolled in an all Spanish school and almost daily was told that her skin was the colour of corn, her blue eyes were ugly and also her hair. These were the more gentle observations made about her...
  7. Risu

    Canadian Teacher/pilot And Mothers Of Twins

    Hola! Would love to meet up...sent a PM. Seems we have much in common.
  8. Risu

    Free Concerts In Buenos Aires

    Thnaks for the information! Might anyone have interest in this being a small group event where we could meet & go together?
  9. Risu

    In-Home Pet Sitter For Small Dog?

    We have a 4 year old Bichon Freise and would be interested. Live very near Palermo Hollywood and have a large terraza for play time. PM us if you still have a need.
  10. Risu

    Someone Told Me I Could Sell My English Novels Somewhere...

    We might be interested in buying. What are the titles & authors.
  11. Risu

    A Wonderfully Witty Response To Putin's Nyt Op Ed

    For those not familiar with Dana Millbank: Milbank covered the 2000 US Presidential election and the 2004 US Presidential election. He also covered US President George W. Bush's first term in office. After Bush won the 2000 election, Karl Rove asked the Washington Post not to assign Milbank to...
  12. Risu

    Looking For Kid's Books In English

    Since you mentioned you wanted some Dick & Jane books...actually, I have some authentic ones, about 60 years old. Belonged to my child's Great Grandmother who was a teacher. Our child worked through these so think your son would enjoy. Happy to loan these to you, if you wish. We also have the...
  13. Risu

    Looking For Kid's Books In English

    We have some English books we could loan.
  14. Risu

    Spider Vein Treatment?

    Good response. Appreciate it. Buen fin de semana.
  15. Risu

    Spider Vein Treatment?

    niaruccia, What is offensive is to mock (tease or laugh at in a scornful or contemptuous manner) someone for their viewpoint. No, I do not believe that you do understand. Being tolerant of other viewpoints, being gracious (or nice) even when you don't agree with someone's viewpoint and...
  16. Risu

    Spider Vein Treatment?

    And still, Niaruccia, your response to my suggestions was sarcastic and dismissive. Not Nice.
  17. Risu

    Spider Vein Treatment?

    nlaruccia, If you choose to continue doing surgeries, injections & other procedures recomended by your phlebologist that seemingly aren't working & must be costing a sum of your dancer wages, by all means continue on. However, it did seem Florence was reaching out on this forum for ideas and...
  18. Risu

    Spider Vein Treatment?

    Suggest you look at some changes in your diet and exercise prograam. Googlle how to get rid of spider viens naturally. Think you will find a better more lasting, cheaper solution. For temp. relief place sliced potatoes over the viens.
  19. Risu

    The Pope Buys A Renault 4L From The 70's

    Gotta love this guy!
  20. Risu

    Charlie Rose Exclusive Interview With Bashar Al-Assad

    Thanks. Very Interesting. Good to hear all sides on an issue. If Obama's plan takes place fear it will have far reaching ramifications & blow-back. Just thinking on it, makes me start humming," Where have all the flowers gone..."