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  1. TeConLeche

    Disruptions Due To Elections?

    For those of you who have lived in BA through past elections, what disruptions, if any, might we expect? Will things be closed? Do people protest? Also, my boyfriend flies back to the US tonight (saturday) - do you suspect there will be protests or other unusual delays on the way to the...
  2. TeConLeche

    Lan Airlines Paying In Cash

    I have read a lot of threads about buying airline tickets with cash to take advantage of the blue rate, but in terms of logistics, most only mention Aerolineas. Does anyone know of a LAN office that will accept payment in efectivo? Also, my boyfriend will be visiting on a tourist visa. What...
  3. TeConLeche

    Live Irish Music In Ba?

    I was happy to learn from a quick search that there are quite a few Irish folk living in BA - at least more than I expected. My boyfriend is coming next week and he plays a wooden flute in Irish music sessions back home. Anyone know of any live Irish music in BA? A session that he could join...
  4. TeConLeche

    Places To Watch Futbol In Belgrano?

    I'm new to the Belgrano neighborhood and am wondering where to go to watch futbol on TV. Watching matches in a bar/pub is so much more fun than watching at home. The neighborhood is filled with great cafes, but I haven't seen many bars. Any suggestions? I live near Cabildo and Plaza Belgrano...