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    brand new apt. for rent v. urquiza

    Hello is this apartment still free i would like to rent it from mit janury until end of june or longer please let me know thanks hermann
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    Argentina - Racism?

    hello i think the portenos are racistic ,, but not in general to dark skined people i think in general on some places foreigners are not welcome even me get sometimes no service at all i am blond maybe to blond come and giv a shit on this :-):mad:
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    Need advice on Asian resturants BA

    hello there one of my favoriet places is this Korean one i love it read this article witch i found about it you can order any dish is fien the automaticly bring you starters fro everbody free of charge or check out this list for...
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    We're here!!! Finally!!!

    hello welcome :-) if you eed any help with apartment let me know myself i am searching since 3 weeks so i caan give you some help anyway welcome :-)
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    Spanish Conversation Class every tuesday at 3.30pm at the SAE clubhouse

    hello when will be the next conversation class and is any level welcome ? thanks
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    Palermo Apartment , long term no guarantee needed

    hi there is your apartment still availibile i would need one from november 2009 for min. 0.5 year and longer please let me know
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    Job opportunity for Estonian, French, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Romanian and Slovak spea

    hi there still need for romanian native speakers please let me know and we will send cv thanks hermann
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    Graphic Design Classes in English?

    Hello there i just saw your post we are from austria livng in buenos aores my wife could teach you she is an grafik designer and ilustartor and she could teach you please send us a mail with your phone number to and she will contact you :-)