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  1. mc kenna

    South Africa

    Just out of curiosity, anyone following what's going on there? if so, i'd like to read their opinions. I don't know of any SouthAfrican expats to ask first hand, thanks
  2. mc kenna

    Here's A Little Story...

    Everything started over a month ago, i have been remodeling a house that i'm getting ready to sell, and spending a bit of money doing so. One of the problems in this hick town is that people talk a little to much, with that in mind i was very careful about my rutine and movements in and out of...
  3. mc kenna

    Happy Fourth Everyone!
  4. mc kenna

    Yet Another Break In

    This time it was my neighbors turn,2 broken windows, most of the steel bars on the windows were damaged and the house was all turned inside out. I get a call from my neighbors wife at around 9 pm to ask me if i could check on her house since the alarm was tripped in different sectors of the...
  5. mc kenna

    Are We Doing Anything For The 4Th Of July?

    Just that ,it is on a Friday ,so I would think many might want to attend and I would want to believe open to all nationalities Any suggestions??
  6. mc kenna

    Anyone Going To Hard Rock Cafe On June 16Th?

    There will be a meeting of all expats at Hard Rock café in Recoleta on june 16th sponsored by the US Consulate Stars at 5pm until 9pm,according to the Consulate ,it is aimed at getting to know the expat community and interact with Consular personnel to clear any questions or doubts some of us...
  7. mc kenna

    Summer And Power Outages,how Well Prepared Are We?

    I wanted to see how well prepared the expats community is in the even of a prolonged power outage, Do we have enough diapers for the babies,formula,water,food, cash? Could we hunker down for a week if there was a big storm? I'd love to hear what we have to say about it
  8. mc kenna


    Hey came across this site yesterday i wanted to say hello to everyone.i've been here awhile i mean in argentina,Nice to see so many expats!!