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    any update on the after effects of the farmer's strike

    I have been out of touch for awhile but was shocked to read some of cousins request on what I can bring them back from my travels. Some wanted milk, others were asking for bread and others (mostly the boys) were asking for meat. First, I thought it a prank just to crowd my inbox and maybe awaken...
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    activities for non-spanish speaking 18 year old..

    I have a family member visiting me for a few weeks, he is such a sweet young man, 18yo but speaks no spanish. He loves archery and photography - he is here to help me out with some photo set up for a business. Can anyone suggest hook ups related to archery, photography or even fencing (sword)...
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    Importing to Argentina business mechanics

    I would like to ask the opposite question that Christopholous is asking - does anyone have any experience in IMPORTING various items into Argentina? We are not talking about textile here -since to import textile and fabrics into Argentina is "discouraged". Licenses procurement is my main...