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  1. shoush

    Friend Looking For English Conversation Classes! Teachers?

    hi , my argy friend is looking for advanced english conversation classes! if there are any teachers interested please pm me and ill pass you his contact info! thanks
  2. shoush

    Extra Jack Johnson Tickets???

    hey! i know this is a long shot, but unfortunately i was too late to get free jack johnson tickets for today! wondering if maybe anyone got some and can't go? we would looooove to see him today!
  3. shoush

    Looking For Temp Apartment In Palermo Soho!

    hey! i have my mom and sister visiting next friday Feb 7 and I'm looking for an apt to rent that close to ours (palermo soho, close to plaza serano or Julian alvarez) as they will be coming back and forth! it would be from Feb 7- Feb 15th, then i need to rent again march 1st-april 1st! if the...
  4. shoush

    Cleaning Lady

    hey! we are in need of a cleaning lady once or twice a week for about 4 hours each time! i know its not too many hours, but if anyone knows of a trustworthy, dependable cleaning lady looking for some extra hours, please let me know! My baby is arriving soon and mama can't move anymore :lol: PS...
  5. shoush

    Recommend An Air Conditioner Installer?!!

    hey! we finally bought an air conditioner, and I'm hoping and praying to have it installed today! can anyone please send me any contacts they have that install air conditioners????? thanks:)
  6. shoush

    Local Moving Company???

    Hey! We are moving to a different neighborhood, not too far and I would some recommendations on reliable moving companies! I googled a few but ofcourse I'd way rather use a company that someone recommends from experience! Thanks:)
  7. shoush

    Alarm Company

    so, we are probably moving from an apartment to a house type ph in the palermo area and I really want to get an alarm installed. Ive only always lived in apartments here and i think it is a necessity for safety!!!! can anyone recommend a good company, one thats also not too expensive, as the...
  8. shoush

    Best Websites To Search Longterm Rental???

    hey, we are looking to move since our 2 year contract is up and I'm wondering if anyone knows of any good website for longterm in peso rentals? Ive checked solo duenos, mercado libre, and zone prop any other ideas? thanks:)
  9. shoush

    100% Natural Clothes Detergent???

    has anyone come across any natural clothes detergent??? if so, is it quite pricy? would love to know before i make my way back to Argentina, although i can't imagine having to carry that in my luggage! thanks!
  10. shoush

    Placenta Encapsulation And Midwifes

    hey! I'm trying to plan ahead for my 1st birth and wondering if anyone has used a midwife in BA? I'm not looking to have a home birth as its my 1st time so it makes me nervous but i am looking to have or try to have a natural childbirth and if anyway possible a water both. In Canada some...
  11. shoush

    Any Canadian With A Baby Born In Argentina???

    So, im in Canada, and you wouldn't believe how annoying it is to try to reach immigration Canada! i went down to the the head office and they gave me a phone number, which is ALWAYS busy! so i thought id try here! has anyone that is Canadian with an Argentine partner had a baby in Argentina? if...
  12. shoush

    Egypts 2Nd Revolution Not Coup!

    As we are egyptian and have all of our family living in Cairo, we have been following closely as millions went to the street to get the new president, "Morsi" out. my relatives and friends were protesting for days to get the muslim brotherhood out. They are a disgusting group that has killed...
  13. shoush

    Getting Spanish Subtitles For Shows And Movies!?!?!

    hey, i keep wanting to watch some of my all time favourite movies with my husband, like"breakfast club", "swingers", "better off dead" etc ... i can easily find the movies to download but is their some kind of movie website or program that has spanish subtitles to those movies. I really want my...
  14. shoush

    San Telmo Feria In The Rain????

    I was really hoping to do some shopping in the feria today as i have lots of presents to buy before i leave to Canada! unfortunately its totally raining, but i would still shop under the rain if possible! Do you think here will be a lot of sellers in the street? does it usually still go on in...
  15. shoush

    Hiking In Sierra De Los Padres????

    hoooola! we are in mar del plata this weekend and I'm craving a good hike! i can't seem to find any specific info on hiking in sierra de los padres, mountain name? distance? open in june? information would be super appreciated!
  16. shoush

    To Buy Or Not To Buy, That Is The Question!?

    soo, with the dollar blue being at just about 10, I'm finally seeing the opportunity to buy my dream truck! 2008 toyota helix or a 2008 jeep. the plan was to get the car sent once the DNI was done, but it costs the same here right now while the dollar is sooo high! to buy or not to buy? being...
  17. shoush

    Bono Argentino!??!!?

    I'm trying to understand this new law to be passed, but my husband isn't home and as much as i speak spanish and don't think i understand everything, i want to know, how does this affect us? the dollar? positive or negative? the breakdown i got, was that people that have undeclared money outside...
  18. shoush

    Another Lanata Party Tonight!

    a very important program tonight! on now....lets hope that theres enough proof to make enough noise tomorrow!
  19. shoush

    Question To Any Canadians Who Have Done Their Residencia!!!!

    hey! so I'm hoping that I will finally have my paperwork together to get my residency, and not be sent back with something missing! I got my police record, sent it to ottawa to get verified, then sent it to Toronto, to the argentina consulate and they verified it as well, and under they put a...
  20. shoush

    Interesting Lanata Program Today

    very interesting case about model karina Jelineks husband and his helping hand getting "k's" money out or Argentina! tune in! always a pleasure watching Lanatas program!