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  1. mc kenna

    Dove Hunting

    You might want to look into it, for instance, in the tres arroyos county near the beach, they normally gather the doves , pluck them, gut them and give them to the orphanage near the area so the meat doesn't go to waste...... as far as shooting fish in a barrel, yep that's pretty much it...
  2. mc kenna

    Twenty Peronist Tenets

    Nothing but a bunch of waterdown fascists and not even good at it either
  3. mc kenna

    Dove Hunting

    I'd like to see your face when you go to harvest and come up a third short due to doves and or parrots, it is called pest control, nothing more or less
  4. mc kenna

    Argentina's Gender Identity Law

    thats exactly what i said with the difference that we need to keep in mind that your rights end where mine begin
  5. mc kenna

    Argentina's Gender Identity Law

    Here's 3 things in life that no matter what president makes you believe what for their own agenda,never ever change..... now pay attention you hippies, one, you are born,,,, dead or alive, if dead, thats the end of your story, if alive and born in United States then you are an american until you...
  6. mc kenna

    Tango is a caricature of the patriarchy (NYTimes)

    what they forget to mention, is that back 100 years ago was very common to see ''malevos'' dancing tango among themselves under a street light lol
  7. mc kenna

    Importing a car from the USA

    and in both cases, broke financially
  8. mc kenna

    Is it normal for Argentinians to tease gringos about their Spanish accent?

    or just mock their arshentain accent when they use words in english they can't say correctly , you know, like wiener when they think they are saying winner and so on and so forth, i can assure you , all of the sudden they will not find it funny at all....
  9. mc kenna

    Buying a rural property in Argentina is HARD

    i'm selling
  10. mc kenna

    Shoot out in the barrio q loco

    Sounds like somebody was late bringing' the package' to el comisario lol
  11. mc kenna

    In the midst of a Crisis Macri picks up daughter from school in a helicopter

    Seriously guys, ( i know the pres is not very popular)but picture yourself being the president, how would you pick up your kid from school? on foot? I am sure that most of the kids at that school get picked up by their drivers and wouldn't be surprised if a large number of those vehicles are...
  12. mc kenna

    What are you biggest complaints about living in Argentina?

    My main complaint is ..... no honky tonks and the fine crowd that comes with it:( Everything else is A ok
  13. mc kenna

    My Argentinian wife really dislikes the US. Typical of Argentinians?

    Anytime you really wanna know who your friends are, just tell them you are broke, but not temporarily out of funds, just plain old fashion broke , then see how many of these warm family oriented Argentines stick around....get it thru your heads, you are their 'gringo friend"and you will never be...
  14. mc kenna

    No safe level of alcohol consumption

    That's what i've always said, bourbon drinking is very very bad for you, and you should bring all your bourbon bottles(full) to the ranch so i can dispose of them in a safe manner...;) (also ,might need help, any volunteers?)
  15. mc kenna

    What happens to elderly who lack family/resources to care for them?

    They are called asilo de ancianos , there are private ones(very expensive for this economy) or there are state run places much like public or social medicine and i know they will take anyone in no matter who you are o where you come from
  16. mc kenna

    Donald Trump coming to Buenos Aires...

    How interesting!!!! i don"t remember any protests when commie china built their base in the patagonia......could there be any sort bias against the "SHANKEES"?
  17. mc kenna

    Finding remote jobs

    see see Ceviche is not just another pretty face! i'm tired of being treated that way
  18. mc kenna

    Robberies on street

    Very interesting to see how by standers react, knowing this, criminals will always have the upper hand. There was plenty of time to disarm this piece of crap, but if we all keep behaving like a bunch of chickens when the wolf shows up, no wonder they operate in this fashion.....i like how the...
  19. mc kenna

    Robberies on street

    The feed back i can offer you is that, everything becomes more real when it happens to us or someone we know personally, but the reality of our everyday Argentine life is plagued by these incidents that we hear or see on tv, except, since we are not related to it, we soon forget......keep your...
  20. mc kenna

    Do you fear a crash similar to 2001?

    Of course, the world's economic problems is Trump's fault uhu right, i'll make a note of that;)