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    Russian New Yorker moving to BA!

    sure, just add me to msn....
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    Not really that new but...

    Hey, I am a 25 year old european who has been living in Buenos Aires for a couple of years now. Though I know plenty of Argentineans, I realized recently that all my foreign friends have left the country. Would be quite happy to meet some other young foreigners for when I need to escape for the...
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    Looking for Foreign Friends

    sure, send me a message and we can organize something (1559331338). 25 year old european who has been living here for a while but always happy to meet new people
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    Dating in BA

    Dating an Argentinian girl is like dating Hurricane Katrina. Amazing and interesting from a distance, confusing and destructive if you get too close.
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    I need some expats!

    well when you two get back send me a mail:
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    paying for sex

    Two interesting sites for you: One is the site of the best girl bar in BA (full of football players and actors) And this one is about an expat living here which seems to go there quite often (it is where I found the link)
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    Looking for a Burger!

    Argentinian food is bland? Coming from and anglosaxon I find that quite absurd.
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    Will work for food

    Shamrock, kilkenny, gibraltar, etc.... They are all quite dull but full of expats.
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    Mark Rush

    unless you have a job seeing as you need a bank account where they can deposit your salary.
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    Mark Rush

    You dont need a DNI number to rent a house nor do you need one to open a bank account. All you need is a passport for both. You do however need a CUIL number to get a job.
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    I need some expats!

    Ello, I am a 24 year old European who has been living and working here (bsas) for about 8 months. Quite like the city and the people but have a probllem. I know quite a few Argentinians and have a nice group of friends but do not know any other expats. Need to find fellow foreigners with which...
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    Will work for food

    You can get one year work permits quite easily but you need a job before they will give you one (bit of a catch 22, I know). Anyway, anything you need gives us a shout
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    Theatre, museum, and bookstore junkies wanted

    I am a mid twenties European. Have been living here (bsas) for about 8 months. Always up for meeting new expats and exploring porteño nightlife so...