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  1. LucreBorgia

    ''bringing A Spouse And Kids Into The Uk''

    I have a 19 year old disabled daughter, Italian and argie and a little english lady, 20 months. I did little research before I came, I may sound like a bad omen, but I don't care to just say the pretty things! you have to consider both, specially when moving with kids.
  2. LucreBorgia

    ''bringing A Spouse And Kids Into The Uk''

    Hi TWB, I am living in the UK at the moment. is there any way your wife can get an Italian citizenship? For you to bring her here, if she comes as Argie, the best option is you coming over first, having a salary and it depends on how many kids you have, the more, the more money it requires for...
  3. LucreBorgia

    Uk Nationwide Visa Credit Card

    Thanks and he did solve it taking out feom citi ATM. As the first person answered, he needed to get the money out, if not I wouldn't have him taking it with the oficial rate... it is what it is and of course he has changed currancy but niw as ny question stated we needed to use an ATM. It seems...
  4. LucreBorgia

    Uk Nationwide Visa Credit Card

    HEllo again to everyone. Has anyone have had any problem trying to withdraw money from an atm in buenos aires with a nationwide visa UK credit card? My fiancé is here and when we go to the atms it says or not authorized or that he reached his withdrawal limit... and he hasn't even been able to...
  5. LucreBorgia

    Converting Pesos To Dollars At Government Fixed Rate

    Really well said and explained and the final lines...perfect aahahah
  6. LucreBorgia

    35% Afip On Uk Visa Card?

    Hi everyone! I am strugling on how is the best way to buy flight tickets to the UK. I bought one round ticket to London through e-dreams here in argentina with an argie Visa card, obviously I payed the 35% afip charges because it is a foreign company. Now I have to get 3 flights to heathrow for...
  7. LucreBorgia

    Halloween In Buenos Aires!?

    who cares where halloween is from? she was just asking about celebrating it lol. It would be great if they started celebrating it here in argentina, and the stupid ones that complaint about a "capitalism" what ever and that they don't want it here, are people that usually are bitter, or never...
  8. LucreBorgia

    Getting Married In Arg As A Tourist

    Hey again everyone! I was wondering if anyone has any news about marriage between an Argie and a tourist. I looked at the Registro Civil of Gobierno de la Ciudad and it only says that the couple has to show DNI. I was under the idea that anyone could get married now and that a tourist could get...
  9. LucreBorgia

    Marriage Question!

    Well I already called the Cancilleria today and Argentina DOES NOT have any paper what soever stating someones marital status, they told me that MAYBE the RENAPER would be able to issue an unofficial paper stating that from my DNI records they have that I am single, but that they don't have a...
  10. LucreBorgia

    Marriage Question!

  11. LucreBorgia

    Marriage Question!

    welll! It seems I have no luck!!! I need my argentine birth certificate with the translation, AND if I use my italian passport.. "Italian citizens must also provide certificates of no impediment issued by the Italian Consulate in Edinburgh. If you were being as an Argentinian national you would...
  12. LucreBorgia

    Marriage Question!

    ahahah yeah I should but this year I had tonsils removed and a week after that I broke my ankle so I was off work on sick leave since fabruary until late May... they wouldn't look too good at me if pn top of my holiday and sick leave I extend my days off!! i only worked what. . 3 months this...
  13. LucreBorgia

    Marriage Question!

    I can actually say I love you hahah! this is great! i just wrote them regarding birth certificate and some other question...but it seems great! i can't thank you enough!
  14. LucreBorgia

    Marriage Question!

    Yes! i am entering with my Italian passport! if I used the Argentinian one I would need a special visa to be able to get married in the UK. The thing is everything is in order, the only problem I encounter is that I had the exact days (23) to get married, but i didn't know they counted 9 days...
  15. LucreBorgia

    Marriage Question!

    Hello all! long time no see! I am pouring my troubles here as a last resource because I am hopelessly lost with marriage questions. Ok, My boyfriend is from the UK, and I am an Argentine/Italian dual citizenship. I travel next week to the UK and we wanted to get married there, I am staying 23...
  16. LucreBorgia

    Breast Augmentation/best Plastic Surgeon Capital Fed. Prices

    Gustavo Sampietro is the BEST! My friend had hers done in january and i had mine done in fabruary, both extremely happy and he is very profesional... he is one of the buenos aires actors and vedetts surgeon, amongs them, Wanda and Zaira Nara sisters, Flavio mendoza, Chis Miro, amongst many... I...
  17. LucreBorgia

    New Girlfriends :)

    Well, What ever you guys decide, count me in as the group grannie! I'm 39 and I have been wanting to go out for ever! Don't get to do it that much! Just PM me and I'll show up, like mary poppins (?) !!
  18. LucreBorgia

    Power Outage?

    and I did too on that one! ahahah
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    Expat Moms - are Argentine kids rude?

    hahhaha I'm not even gonna read anymore... you are 100% right!.... I go to a coffee and see kids slapping, insulting, kicking, crying their lungs out, and everything they shouldn't! My kid, when we go out, she starts staring at this kids and looks at me, I let her know that she can't comment at...
  20. LucreBorgia

    Us Citizen Marrying An Argentine. Paperwork Advice

    My dad uses his US passport instead of his Argentine.. so does his wife. I you have dual citizenship there's no reason why you shouldn't use the country of residence passport, even if you are born in another country.