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    Uruguay for the summer

    Yup a bit north I am not going be in the heard of high season.
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    Uruguay for the summer

    Existed a few days ago decided to try the DNI and not my passport. No issue no questions no stamps Punta is amazingly beautiful and expensive. I will be interested to see what the tourism season in like. I suspect it will be down significantly. 4 months and away we go but I did want to catch...
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    Why are Argentinians so accepting of corruption ?

    I have noticed a state of mind that seems to be prevalent. A state of being oblivious to the reality and consequences of certain behaviors and attitudes. A state where the mind is rather numb and adults think and act more like children. I have also noticed they tend to bury their heads in the...
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    Ain't in BS AS, but am in Cordoba

    I have habanero sauce and other sauces that are available in markets here and make my own spicey stuff with these. Word of warning habanero will blow you away process with caution. LOL! True but funny my mother in law thought my hot sauce was just a tomato sauce and put in her sauce for...
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    Ain't in BS AS, but am in Cordoba

    Yea it can be hard on the other hand I must say I greatly enjoy my Argentinian friends and family, relationships here are for me at least very pleasant the thing that keeps from losing it in this mess. There is allot to piss and moan about for sure and food is crap but I am a chef or sorts and...
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    Is there any benefit to permanent resident status?

    I think being married to Argentinian it was needed not worth the risk of any issues regarding stamps etc. Otherwise, I see no benefits. And what dilmah said I would not want a circumstance where I died and my wife could have any issues getting to the things she needed. Could have just lived...
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    Demonstration Alert - U. S. Embassy Buenos Aires, Argentina (November 22, 2019)

    I find it interesting that anyone would think such actions would amount to anything other than wasting time. Folly is at epidemic levels always has been it is just empowered at the greater level by media and social media in these times.
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    Overstaying 90-day limit

    Just tuck around 500 USD into the page you want them to stamp ROFLOL like insurance. If they ask you anything just say it is my tip for me stamp LOL. Never tried but I bet it would work. Muaaa ha ha ha!
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    When will Argentina default ?

    Ufff hard times around the corner the poor are already starting to lose weight here I have noticed it. One can only imagine what is coming. Time will tell.
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    Overstaying 90-day limit

    Here we are almost 2 years later LOL my you and your have made such progr Yes but his visa is expired that is an overstay read the posts on not paying the oversay fine some have not been let back in after leaving and not paying the overstay. That is my only point here.
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    Overstaying 90-day limit

    It seems like your going to be rolling the dice here I would not attempt a border crossing without paying the overstay fine. If I recall you cross and did not pay the fine you might not be allowed back in and that for some amount of time. Only recalling things I have seen in posts.
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    EcoParque (old zoo)has opened more exhibit spaces!

    One of my friends in BA is one of the project managers there. We got personal tours when we were in BA when all this was being worked on. For me, at that time the freaky thing was an actual payphone from the old days seeing one again brought back memories of my first days in Argentina.
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    New Rental Laws Approved by the House/Diputados

    Oh LOL I remember my first rental agreement. Before we built this place with cash. Inflation in the agreement. Rent went up every 3 months in the contract.
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    Western Union money transfer

    I send to my wife here as she time to pick up I am to busy with work. it was $7 to send this morning around 65 pesos per 1USD.
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    Inresting but true

    Sunday afternoon asado friends and family you know the drill. Some of my friends tell me. You know why I voted for Macri even in this mess? Because we are sure with him democracy will continue... with these two we are not so sure about that.
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    Twenty Peronist Tenets

    I think that might the part that has held this country in perpetual failure for many decades.
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    Western Union money transfer

    That's better thank you!
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    Western Union money transfer

    If you're going quote people at least do so accurately, I posted "Burger fries and beer" where, what kind of burger, what brand of beer. Thank you for taking the time to read posts correctly and quote people correctly in the future.
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    Alberto Fernández doesn't like Bugs Bunny

    This thread is cracking me up some hilarious posts!
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    Alberto Fernández doesn't like Bugs Bunny

    That's hilarious sounds like we have bus driver for a president next stop I am not going there because I won't be here. Argentina is like bugs bunny stepping in the ring with Mike Tyson but the funny stuff does not work you just get knocked out. The world is going to cut this place good and hard...