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    Uruguay for the summer

    Existed a few days ago decided to try the DNI and not my passport. No issue no questions no stamps Punta is amazingly beautiful and expensive. I will be interested to see what the tourism season in like. I suspect it will be down significantly. 4 months and away we go but I did want to catch...
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    Inresting but true

    Sunday afternoon asado friends and family you know the drill. Some of my friends tell me. You know why I voted for Macri even in this mess? Because we are sure with him democracy will continue... with these two we are not so sure about that.
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    This should be interesting

    If K wins there is a good chance Argentina will go down harder than it ever has before. Which I do not wish to see but yet as they say be careful what you ask for. I noticed one bank here has already reduced extraction amounts. They are ready for Monday it seems. Everyone I know but one person...
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    Amercias Argentina Risk Interesting Read for Sure

    I tend to agree with this hopefully TRUMP and his Trumpthungoons will be out soon. Amazing really but I knew it from day one Trump would meet this very end and take so many with him. As so many of his partner thugs and treasonous pals have already been locked up...
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    Wham here comes the tsunami And it is gonna get worse and then give it a few years.
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    Could it be and just in time for the elections? Perhaps!

    Interesting read
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    I guess so eh!
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    Best expresso alread ground

    My capsule machine died so I bought another regular expresso machine so far I have tried the Martinez cafes ok but not really good. I know about Sega Frieda ,currious if anyone has any suggestions for an expresso brand? Thanks in advance!
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    A post a pic is with a 1000 words.

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    Vamos a Uruguay

    Why? They are not idiots! The power works! The internet works! They are far more intelligent and educated than Argentinians! THEY HAVE MANNORS! In other words they wont piss you off acting like idiots. You can buy and work in both USD and the Pesos! I am very confident they would never buy...
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    Meet the Candidates Thoughts?
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    Exit Strategies

    I have two plan Bs. You should prepare for the worst and hope for the best. So what is your plan? Ride it out? Afib will soon be AI and I program AI I know what it is capable of 99% of humanity has no idea of what is coming. When they start really nailing the work in black it will kill this...
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    Brazil opens no visas for Americans
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    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! Vamos por la vida es un fiesta! :)
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    Crazy from the heat..

    Boy, it is hot up north I hope no so in BA? Not the worst I have seen but I think we are heading there. 6 weeks to go.
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    An off topic question

    Anyone know of any developers/coders with image processing as their field? I am sure looking for additional image process talent in Argentina might be tricky. So I thought I would just through it out here too you never know. Thanks for reading my post.
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    Mery Christmas

    Marry Christmas Enjoy Your Holiday and Stay Safe. :)
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    Seems the looting riots might be back

    Carrefour here in Corrientes Capital seems to be under siege with a huge mob outside. They closed up it seems before it got to far. Hope the police can contain it. We shall see.
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    What do I really like about Argentina......

    Next to my wife this stuff. Say what you will but I am a meat lover that was awesome prime Argentine beef served on a sword. Cost here $8 USD.