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    Moving sale.

    OK. Everyone, I think everything is pretty much gone now! The lava lamps will come back with me & I'll drink martinis 7 at a time!! :P xoxo. After 3 years we are moving on. Bittersweet. But that's life. So, of course, I have some things to sell if anyone is interested. Everything is...
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    For Sale: 4kg Washer Dryer Combo

    Well, our time in BA has come to an end. We are leaving after 3 years. Bittersweet. :( :) I have somethings to sell. First up is an Indesit 4kg Washer Dryer combo. It's 2.5 years old, excellent condition. AR$2200. You can pick it up whenever in Palermo very close to the S.Ortiz subte stop...
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    Hotel Help for a Slacker!

    Ok, Ok. Yes. I spaced out. I have a friend & her mom visiting next week. She asked for hotel recommendations & I totally slacked off and just remembered now. They need something not too expensive (if that exists?!), clean & safe. I'd like them to be near me in Palermo. Any tips/advice? Any...
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    English books for sale

    ALL GONE! Happy reading. Pass them on when you are done. ;) Sold: Born in Shame, Nora Roberts, fiction, paperback Middlesex, Jeffery Eugenies, fiction, paperback Winter prey, John Sandford, fiction The other boleyn girl, Phillipa Gregory, fiction Absolute friends, John le Carre, fiction The...
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    mac memory for sale

    I have extra memory for a macbook pro - 2 x 2 gig by crucial. US$65 - 2 x 1 gig mac original. US$35 Anyone need to improve your memory, send me a PM. ;)
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    Mi Torito de Pucara.

    I've been meaning to tell you about this. And now that the exhibit ends on the 20th of March, I can't procrastinate anymore! A friend of mine has put together an exhibit of traditional ceramic bulls that are made in the village of Pucara in Peru and that have then been painted by Argentine...
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    Flemish Teacher?

    What are the chances? Anyone know someone who can give Flemish lessons starting from (almost) zero? Thanks!
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    Books for Sale: Spring clearance.

    I'm doing some spring cleaning and have some books that I know I'll never get around to reading, if you are interested: ETA: All books were sold. I have others which I will post when I get a chance. But if you are interested get in touch.
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    Brita Filters: Come & get 'em

    Looking through my stuff I found 2 new Brita filters. But I don't have the jug anymore. If anyone uses a Brita filter & wants them. Come & get 'em. They are in Palermo.
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    Palermo: bright 120m apt to share in the heart of Soho

    Hi Everyone, A friend of mine is looking to share here apartment in Palermo Soho. Link to the ad on Craigslist with contact & photos is below. One of the most remarkable apartments in Palermo Soho. Perfectly appointed just 4 blocks from PLAZA SERRANO and surrounded by great cafes, bars, shops...
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    English Books for Sale/Trade

    I have some books for sale. I'll keep adding as I go. No use keeping these around! :o) 15 pesos each Ugy, Constance Briscoe Three Cups of Tea, Greg Mortenson & David Oliver Relin Chocolat, Joanne Harris Turning Thirty, Mike Gayne Destinaton Morgue!, James Ellroy The Rotters' Club, Jeremy...
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    Crafty People?

    I've been wondering if there are any crafty people around & if so what about a "craft circle"? I used to meet with a girl once a week, basically we had a "craft line" (lol) as it was only the two of us!! But it was fun & others would join us once in a blue moon. Anyone? Also, I have a two...
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    Rottweiler puppy needs a home!

    My cleaning lady has one female puppy left of her litter of rottweilers. If anyone one is interested let me know. They have been vaccinated & dewormed, not yet rabies because they are too young. She is asking AR$450.
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    English Books for Sale/Trade

    I have some books in English for sale or trade if anyone is interested. Here is the current list. AR$10 each. Envy - Brown, Sandra Falling for Mr Wrong - Upcher, Caroline In the Name of Love - Rule, Anne The Friday Night Knitting Club - Jacobs...
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    Graphic Designer Needed.

    I'm looking for a graphic designer to do a branding/identity project for me, including helping with naming/brand development and graphic elements to be used on stationary, business cards & web. Any recommendations? TIA.
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    Dogs: Three year rabies vaccine not valid to leave the country??

    I just went to the vet to get the travel certificate to take my dogs to the US. I was told that the three year vaccine is not valid in Argentina & I need to vaccinate my dogs every year in Argentina..... & thus can not take the dogs out of the country. Does anyone know more about this? And/Or...
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    Picada Now?

    Hi, can someone tell me where I can order a tabla for tonight? I don't have any names or addresses. I'm not prepared!! Eeks! Thanks!
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    ISO: small metal work table.

    I've been looking for a small sturdy metal "industrial" table. So far, I haven't found anything. Any tips? Something like this: (changed link above so as not to reference a kitchen supply shop. It's still too big though.) Or like...
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    Inflation Outrage!

    Volta raised their prices from 46/kg to 51/kg!! It's scandalous!!!
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    Seperate Work Permit?

    This question just occurred to me: Does one need to apply for a separate work permit or does the temporary residence permit include the right to work?