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    Is there market demand for fresh oyster mushrooms (hongos girgolas) in Buenos Aires?

    I think it would be best for you to identify prospective clients then go and talk to them taking along a sample of your product for them to see. You can then make a decision. I only know one Argentine that eats mushrooms/fungi and they use the dehydrated ones. I occasionally buy Portobello...
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    Grass Fed Organic Beef?

    As an ex small producer of 'grass fed' beef in my experience once they're sold off they were treated the same as a feed lot raised animal. I suspect to be 100% sure you're getting what you want, you or the butcher would have to buy direct from a producer. Could be wrong but as for anything...
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    New Express checkout passport kiosks at EZE

    That rules me out as well then...not that I'm bothered as EZE isn't anywhere near as bad as it used to be.
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    Argentina vs. EU

    I personally would chose Spain for several reasons. I would say the cost of living there is comparable to here if not cheaper in certain areas. It has a far more stable economy - then again most of Europe does compared to here - which will allow you to plan and budget better. The clincher for me...
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    Do you fear a crash similar to 2001?

    Reading certain opinions on this thread just confirms my opinion why Argentina will forever remain a basket case.
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    Impact of currency collapse

    Lots of corruption in Africa as well....:D
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    Impact of currency collapse

    Well indeed. Everything has to be taken into consideration especially the older you get.
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    I live near Cristina: toxic air; I can't breathe

    Thanks to you Sergio I now know our apartment in the capital is located on the same avenue as hers. I suspect her en suite bathroom is five times bigger than our whole apartment though. :D Our last visit was around a month ago and we returned with no ill effects....maybe the wind was blowing in...
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    Impact of currency collapse

    Holidaying here and residing here permanently are two different things. I'd recommend he comes with a view to staying as long as he's allowed to without needing to go through all the formalities he will have to go through if staying on a permanent basis. That way he can just pack his suitcase...
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    What happens to elderly who lack family/resources to care for them?

    All rather melodramatic.
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    What happens to elderly who lack family/resources to care for them?

    My 83 year old mother in law who lives alone has a carer due to my wife being a busy woman. Fortunately for my wife she's 100% reliable and trustworthy which is reflected in the salary she gets paid....far above the normal rate for the job. She works eight hours a day in two shifts Mon-Sat...
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    A lot of advice needed

    You come across as having a great attitude towards life. Armed with that I'm certain you'll have a great time here.
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    Maple Syrup Found in BA

    Farcical price.
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    Its coming home....

    Done okay so far, just a shame they'll have to meet a decent team in the final....if they get that far that is.
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    Do you fear a crash similar to 2001?

    Yes a giant step backwards in my opinion.....used to like Macri as well. Confirms my long held view that this country will forever remain in economic limbo.
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    Why is this forum so quiet?

    I suppose a lot depends on personal circumstances and how long you've been here. Nearly eleven years on and it's only the last couple of years I've become a grumpy old fart. :D
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    Why is this forum so quiet?

    The forum is awfully quiet these days compared to what it used to be like. Have all my fellow expats packed their belongings and returned to where they came from? :D
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    New Here - Moving to Buenos Aires in September

    I'm British and my Argentine wife is always telling me to stop moaning. And she's right, I do moan quite a lot about the way things are here. Then again so does she. In fact she moans more than me as do most Argentine people I know. It's just that they don't like foreigners moaning about their...
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    Any pipe smokers here?

    Any pipe smokers here? Obviously not.....:D
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    Any pipe smokers here?

    Just wondered if like me any forum members are smokers of the pipe? What I have noticed since Macri took over is there seems to be a wider range of imported tobaccos available especially from a well known (amongst the pipe smoking fraternity) UK producer....not exactly inexpensive but welcome...