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    here come larger peso notes on top of that, they want to change AGAIN the pictures on the bills: i didn't realizes that images of native animals were not representative of everyone and were politically skewed. such a joke.
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    dollar withdrawals

    one thing i'm a little confused about with these controls. are there limits on how much USD you can withdraw from your USD account at the bank? i know there are limits in how much USD you can buy ($200).
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    taxis busted (again) color me shocked. i am pleased to see that police appear to be actively pursuing justice against this...
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    here come the currency controls although it seems for now this won't affect individuals, although it is reported individuals will have a limit of 10k USD per month to...
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    strike at AEP and EZE this one only affects departing flights from the two airports. we'll see i guess if it holds for all 5 days.
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    massive power failure

    looks like around 7am today there was a massive power failure. this could be a long sunday....
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    linea E extension to retiro almost ready!

    for those of us who suffer on line E, the extension works are almost done. should make life easier for some. the bad news is probably this will make E a lot more crowded. we'll see.
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    paro nacional 26/2

    so, i saw on twitter last week word of a possible national strike by ATE next week tuesday. i found mention of this on their website but i haven't had much luck finding any other news about if it's happening or not. has anyone heard or read anything about it?
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    g20 security restrictions

    FYI...i knew travel was going to be a hassle with multiple closures and most transit shut down, but if you live in certain areas be prepared to show proof of residence to enter (eg puerto madero)...
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    AEP closed Nov 29-Dec 1 during G20 summit

    for those not aware, it came to my attention at work yesterday that AEP is going to be closed during G20, from Nov 29 to Dec 1. Seems likely that EZE is also going to be experiencing delays as well. i haven't found a good direct source of the announcement, but found a few links online about...
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    tennis lessons

    anyone have any recommendations for a good tennis teacher? my girlfriend has been through a revolving door of teachers over the last several months. either they are lazy and don't bother instructing, or are unreliable.