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    Argentina's New Tax On Residents Global Wealth

    ain't gonna happen. and IF it ever gets to that point, i will be long gone from here. the pelotudos in government aren't getting anything from me that i had before i came here.
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    the objective of a business is to make money. globant is no different than any other company in that respect. it's also a very large company so they have some benefit of scale - pay average because if someone leave there will be plenty more ready to join. most who work in the design world use...
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    Australian tourist stabbed in Recoleta neighborhood.

    i thought he just had his phone stolen
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    Global Cost of Living Index for 2020

    i'm sure it's a factor, but americans are generally terrible at being financially responsible. we love us some debt.
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    How Argentina Embarked on the Road to Ruin

    good summary...thanks for sharing.
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    Movistar top up issues

    funny thing happened to me today. i went to top mine up because I thought i was low but realized suddenly i had 400 extra in my account. great day! :)
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    Caesar - Cesar - Cesare Salad and Dark Roast Coffee beans

    i'd like to, except i already have about 6 or 7kg of coffee at home that i brought from the US. my good friend has a coffee roasting business :)
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    Caesar - Cesar - Cesare Salad and Dark Roast Coffee beans

    i saw it today in my local minimercado. they also had their BBQ sauce.
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    here come larger peso notes

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    here come larger peso notes

    the first pictures of the new bills are out!
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    A good local foodie website.

    never seen catfish (fried or otherwise) anywhere in BA. i found a couple places selling "poke bowls" but they were garbage. one of them came with balls of that same nasty cream cheese they put in all the sushi.
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    Caesar - Cesar - Cesare Salad and Dark Roast Coffee beans

    you might check out full city in palermo for the coffee.
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    A good local foodie website.

    lol.. i felt your pain brother. the problem is Neuquén unfortunately, it's generally a food wasteland. BA has a lot more variety (although it's still subpar compared to the states)
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    Accent reduction coach near Palermo?

    is this "coach" actually a thing?
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    Solidarity Tax on 5% Net Dividends

    one thing i'm not clear on is who exactly this applies to. does it include permanent and temporary residents?
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    New "door to door" from Correo ARG: int'l shipments will arrive at home

    except it not to arrive. if it does, you will have to go to retiro to pay some sort of duty for it. maybe in a couple months you'll have your coffee, if you're lucky.
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    Cheap Delta Airlines fares to and from BA

    this is BA to ATL to Boston?
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    B of A Mobile App Downloading?

    yeah, i went and read the TOS and it's pretty clearly stated there. i just never bothered to read it before. i've been using it in argentina for two years now. i make probably 3 trips a year to the US, from 1-3 weeks at a time each trip. i suppose i might start to lean back more towards wifi...
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    B of A Mobile App Downloading?

    interesting. i hope this doesn't happen to me.