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  1. Johnny

    Hospital Italiano Dental

    Seems it is time for some dental work, and I'm wondering if any of y'all out there have been treated through the dental department at Hospital Italiano. I'm wondering whether to use my insurance or go private. Any input much appreciated!
  2. Johnny

    Region Free DVD Players

    Before I dig deeper I thought I would run a question by the electronics whizzes here. I'll be in the states for Christmas and I want to bring back a number of DVDs. I'm aware that the US is a different region than Argentina which poses a problem. I've been told that I should purchase a region...
  3. Johnny


    Hello folks-I did a "search" for podiatrists and came up empty. Any recommendations for a podiatrist in town? Much thanks from me and my toes.
  4. Johnny

    New to Western Union

    Well, I'm back in CABA and looking to avoid the ridiculous ATM fees. I checked out Western Union online and the quoted exchange rate was 1US=$40.26pesos. Crikey. I must be missing something being new to Western Union. For all you Western Union users, is this a typical exchange rate (in addition...
  5. Johnny

    General de Cafe

    I ventured out today to buy a half kilo of Columbian at my fave coffee place, General de Cafe, on Pueyrredon. But, it is boarded up !! There were two other locations a few years ago when I was here. Any ideas as to whether the others are still kicking ? One was on either Reconquista or San...
  6. Johnny


    I will be returning to Buenos Aires on the morning of March 25. I would like a marching band welcome and some real yummy facturas. Gracias !!
  7. Johnny

    Hospital Italiano Question

    Hello folks ! A quick question. I've been half thinking of returning to BsAs for awhile, but the health insurance situation is an impediment. I'm 65 now and will turn 66 in a few months. I had a friend in BsAs call Hospital Italiano yesterday and inquire about my chances of being covered. They...
  8. Johnny

    Traveling On Options

    I'll likely be leaving BsAs come the middle of March. Ordinarily I've narrowed the possibilities down to one or two countries/cities when its time to skedaddle. But not this time. So, I thought I would think out loud a bit and invite any fellow nomads to weigh in. Asia crossed off the list this...
  9. Johnny

    Flu Shot Season

    Its that time of the year. Has anybody scheduled a flu shot through Swiss Medical ? Thanks !
  10. Johnny

    Less Snatch And Grab ?

    I've been back in BsAs for a bit more than half a year after a two year absence. I seem to notice less snatch and grab incidents than when I previously lived here (for six years). I can remember personally witnessing a lot of open theft on the streets and was a victim once myself. I've witnessed...
  11. Johnny

    Bad Night At Yuki

    I've been away from Buenos Aires for a few years and recently returned. I've always held Yuki in high regard and recommended it to many folks. Last night I went with a friend and the sushi was very poor. I had chirashi which was the worse chirashi I've ever had with very little fish over a bed...
  12. Johnny

    Copa America

    I figure this is a longshot, but is anybody planning on visiting Chile to take in some games ? I'm just starting the process of making arrangements, getting tickets, etc. Thanks !
  13. Johnny

    Juan Roman Riquelme Retires

    The great JRR hangs up his boots. A sad day for football fans.
  14. Johnny

    Wim Wenders Retrospective

    Seven days in a row of Wim Wenders films beginning today at BAMA on Diagonal Norte. Strap on your wings of desire.
  15. Johnny

    Microwave For Sale

    I have a very nice microwave for sale. I just bought it two months ago from another forum member, but I'm moving and I won't need it. Its a Whirlpool, in excellent condition. Used, but looks and works like brand new. I'm asking 500p. Thanks !
  16. Johnny

    No more Ryan, but George the Hairdresser

    Here's a plug for George Mcfly. I had Ryan cut my hair for years and he was great. I saw George earlier this week, and shockingly, he was just as good, and possibly better. He speaks enough English, and seems a nice guy. He's in San Telmo. Phone:15 6251 3112
  17. Johnny

    Cueva in San Telmo ?

    I'm moving to San Telmo this coming week and wondering if there is a reputable cueva thereabouts. Any help is much appreciated !
  18. Johnny

    Distilled Water

    I'm wondering how tough it is to buy distilled water hereabouts ? I use it with NeilMed sinus rinse solution. Any advise as how and where to find some ? Much thanks !
  19. Johnny

    Apartment Search

    I'm returning to BA the middle of July and looking for a one to two month rental. Something that won't excessively drain me of my precious dollars while I look for a long term unfurnished place, in pesos. I'm not picky about location. A studio would be fine. If anyone has a place or knows of a...
  20. Johnny

    Uribe's bomb

    As if there weren't already enough strange news in Argentina. Judge Oyarbide who is investigating the explosive device found at Gran Rex, indicated today that the device had been "tampered with" in order to decrease the power of it. That leads to a lot of questions. I don't consider myself a...