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    Why is this forum so quiet?

    The forum is awfully quiet these days compared to what it used to be like. Have all my fellow expats packed their belongings and returned to where they came from? :D
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    Any pipe smokers here?

    Just wondered if like me any forum members are smokers of the pipe? What I have noticed since Macri took over is there seems to be a wider range of imported tobaccos available especially from a well known (amongst the pipe smoking fraternity) UK producer....not exactly inexpensive but welcome...
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    The Sunday you like?

    I was out in the garden this morning with the dogs - freezing it was too - and was overcome with the smell of asado coming from my next door neighbour. This was well before midday and I was still in my dressing gown and slippers. During my 11 years here the Sunday lunchtime asado is the one...
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    What would you miss most if you left Argentina?

    I'm always moaning to the wife about the things I miss in the UK (she's probably worse than me despite being Argentine) and was thinking when/if the day comes we move back what would be the things I would miss most from here? Apart from the hottest days of summer which I detest I reckon I'd miss...
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    Why is coffee so 5hite and expensive here?

    I will admit a cafe bought cup of coffee isn't too bad but I'm talking supermarket sourced coffee here...ground and whole bean. Not only is it awful it's very expensive. I've bought far better quality at the £ shop for 250gr in the UK on my last visit....Italian produced I seem to recall.
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    Looking for suggestions regarding presents to take to the UK.

    Hallebloodylujah....after nearly three years since our last visit the wife and I are having a well earned holiday back in the UK later this year. Trouble is, I'm really stumped as to what we can buy to give as presents to family and friends. Any ideas?
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    My Local Kiosco Is On Holiday Again!!

    A few weeks ago I went to my local Kiosco which is literally a ten second walk from the house for a packet of Philip Morris only to find it closed and shuttered up. Not the end of the world as the next one is only a couple of blocks it turned out they had gone away for a weeks...
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    Will Customs Impound A New Passport Sent By Courier?

    My British passport runs out in May and plans of getting back to the UK before then to apply for a new one in person have been dashed. I am led to believe I could travel back to the UK on an expired one however given the hassle I've experienced before when checking in for a flight from Ezeiza...
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    Will Argentina Change Much In 2017?

    A question for those more au-fait with Argentine current affairs than I am...I'm just happy to get through the day without the distractions of more serious matters to be honest. The ones uppermost in my mind are: Will the K woman be brought any closer to justice or will the charges of...
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    I Was Questioned By The Police Today...

    So there I was quietly spraying weedkiller on the pavement outside an empty property my wife owns. A chap passing on the opposite side of the road pushing a pram shouted something over to me. The noise of the traffic drowned him out so I just shook my head and carried on and he went on his way...
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    It Would Seem I've Become A 'whinging Pom'....

    According to my wife I've become a moaner. :o When I asked her to give me some examples of my moaning she rattled off about twenty without even thinking about it which included the following. ''The TV is crap! Supermarkets are crap (I suspect lack of pricing and poor restocking of shelves...
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    Door To Door Service Experiences?

    Now this is up and running I was wondering if those who have ordered items from abroad could let me know of their experiences. To be honest I'm still confused how it's supposed to work....maybe they want it that way to put people off from using it. :D As I'm not registered with AFIP I haven't a...
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    Smoked Easy Tip For Those Who Like It.

    Probably not to everyones taste but one thing which I have always missed during my ten years here has been smoked fish. I regularly ate smoked haddock back in the UK so I recently decided to give it a go using merluza as it's widely available and the nearest fish to haddock. Not having a purpose...