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    Easter Island books?

    This book is hands down the BEST travel guide for Rapa Nui (easter island) - published by the Easter Island Foundation (buy it direct from them if you can). It absolutely was the difference with my trip there. And yes there is good snorkelling at a couple of hidden coves (explained in the...
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    where to buy pure lemon extract??

    thanks for the suggestions. unfortunately don't have the time to make it though, and finding the 151 proof Everclear here would be as hard as a 151 proof rum - which is what the lemon extract is a substitute for! cheers.
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    where to buy pure lemon extract??

    is it possible to buy pure lemon extract here in BsAs? As in, 80+% alcohol by volume lemon extract?? like this stuff: the alcohol content is the important thing here as its flammability is the reason i need it (all good fun - nothing...
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    Best liquor store for fine rums, liquors etc?

    can anyone suggest a place for the best selection of imported rums, liquers, syrups and mixers? thanks.
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    public pool?

    tried to search but couldnt find anything apart from Parque Norte.. looking for a public pool to escape the heat, maybe do some laps. prefer a big outdoor pool and area to relax etc, but not too expensive if poss. cheers.
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    which documents are required for DNI?

    thanks Igor, I'll try to chase those things up and get them apostilled while I'm at home.
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    which documents are required for DNI?

    While I'm not applying for a DNI now, its possible I might sometime down the track. I'm going back to my home country next week and want to make the most of it - should i bring back some documents that i might need for the long process if I decide to undertake it in the future? If so, what do I...
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    ordering books from Amazon

    anyone done this and received books ok here in BA? I know I will probably have to pick up at the Retiro postal depot which is absolutely painful and such an archaic system. The postal service here is unreliable at best, but i think Amazon have good insurance on their postage. Most other postal...
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    To the apartment owners out there

    Thanks Sergio and Ernie, extremely good advice.Just to answer your question, I do have a commitment to Argentina, in the form of a future wife, so while I can't say for sure we will be living here for the rest of our lives I certainly will have ties to the country. Therefore I have been looking...
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    To the apartment owners out there

    Hola all,I've been living in Buenos Aires for a few months now and have been investigating the property market here. I am comparing the "short term rental to foreign visitors" apartment investment against other investment options here.It seems there are quite a few property owners on this board...
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    Re: 'Opening-a-Business' Tourism

    hahaha... hopefully you have some other fantastic ideas in mind for your retirement fund?? PS: if you can make me a USB turntable for a fifth of cost of the professional one I'd buy one! oh wait, my entire vinyl collection is still in Australia....
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    Re: 'Opening-a-Business' Tourism

    Of course it is a great idea, but someone has beaten you to the punch unfortunately:
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    HELP!! Tomorrow is important.

    we checked every cinema in yesterdays paper and all but a couple listed the Simpsons in castellano. The others we rang or visited in person, but they also were showing it in Castellano. Atlas santa fe told us that no English versions of the film had arrived in the country yet! Not good news!!
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    Swimming Pool

    most of the big gyms throughout the city have a pool, but most are 25m max. For example most, but not all, Megatlons (a chain of expensive gyms) have pools. I tried for a while to find a nice 50m pool but couldnt find one that was convenient for me (I live fairly central), so i joined a gym in...
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    Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers 29th July

    Sounds fun, interesting and crazy all at the same time... Can you explain the reasoning behind the name for all those not in the know?
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    Getting MY CDI Number

    I'm about to go thru this process so this thread was very helpful. how did you go with the next step - opening a bank account?