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    Moving Dollars From Argentina To Usa

    Hola, I have an Argentine friend who is interested in buying a property in the US and has been collecting dollars "abajo su cama". Any suggestions or advice on how to transfer the money from Argentina to the United States?
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    Bariloche Unique Property For Sale

    Hola Expats, tanto tiempo. One of my old clients is selling his beautiful property, just outside Bariloche, on Peninsula San Pedro. The property consists of a large main house, gorgeous 2 bedroom guest cabin, caretakers house, a classic quincho, a workshop and large workshop. The grounds are...
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    Living and Running a Business in Argentina Interview

    Hola Chicos, tanto tiempo. ¿Como estan? Here's an interview I did last week with Expat News Daily Radio that some of you might appreciate. Living and Running a Business in Argentina – An Interview with Jamie Schectman Saludos de California, Soulskier
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    Bariloche Long Term Rental

    Hola, We have a home available now for a long term rental, located in Llao Llao, about 20 minutes from the city center. If any expats are considering getting out of the big city for awhile, this is a great spot. For monthly and longer rates, send me a PM. For more information, please visit...
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    "Living Abroad in Argentina Teaches Lessons of Better Living"

    Here's a post my wife wrote on to reflect back on our 5+ years in Argentina. I figured it was worth sharing with Argie expats. Living Abroad in Argentina Teaches Lessons of Better Living
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    Learning Happiness Abroad

    Hola Chicos, tanto tiempo, como estan? Here's a blog post from when we lived in Mendoza that mi mujer escribo. Learning Happiness from What Might be Considered the Least Likely Place
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    Adventure Activities in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

    Adventure Activities in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina Ten Diverse Ways to Explore a Beautiful Region
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    An Ex-Expat's Observations from the US

    Hi All, As you may know, my wife and I relocated back to the US after 5 plus years living in Argentina. We have been now back in the empire for 4 months. It has been a real trip to be back in California after so many years away. I thought I would share some general observations. Some will...
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    Flowers of Bariloche

    We posted some recently taken photos of the spring flowers going off. Our Bariloche Garden in Full Bloom
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    Winter Ski Photos

    Hola, Estamos casi listo con Argentina. Here are some photos from the ski season at Las Leñas. Suerte a todos, SS
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    Apartment accepting pets?

    Hi all, We are rolling thru Buenos Aires next week on our way out of the country. Can anyone recommend an apartment rental that accepts well behaved dogs and cats? Gracias
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    Argentina Teaches 5 Lessons of Happiness

    Here's a blog post my better half did on 5 lessons of happiness learned during our lives in this crazy country. I thought some of you might appreciate it, thanks for reading.
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    10 reasons why our property is an excellent investment

    Hola fellow expats, I apologize for the spam, but my intuition tells me there is somebody reading this forum that would make a great new owner of our property. 10 Reasons Why Our Property is an Excellent Investment Thanks for your time.
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    Yesterday's Sunrise

    Here was yesterday's sunrise from our property. Surely there is an expat in the big city who would appreciate having a nice getaway and income producing property, a quick 2 hour flight away?
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    Animals of Patagonia

    Since we have no separate expat life forum for other areas of Argentina, I continue to hijack this one. Here are some animal photos we have taken over the past few years.
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    Getting documents Apostilled in Argentina

    Does anyone have experience with getting a document Apostilled in Argentina, for use in the United States? Gracias, SS
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    Pictures of Condors

    We posted 30 of our favorite condor photos that were taken over the last 3 years.
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    Taxi Driver's Take on Argentina vs Nigeria

    I was able to chat with a taxista about Argentina's first match against Nigeria. "They run with the lions through the jungle". Pretty funny stuff!
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    Five things we will miss about Patagonia

    Hola Chicos! We wrote a post on 5 things we will be missing the most about Living in Patagonia. We feel very grateful as it's been a very special 3 years!
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    Article on ARG Economy and Real Estate

    The Argentine Economy, a Tango Revival & Real Estate