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    Number of residents born in the USA

    I'm not sure if there are official "expat exodus" numbers, but almost all the expat friends I had (who said they would NEVER leave) left long ago. Most didn't leave due to the country's economic issues. Most left because they simply got bored with BA. Argentina had its turn as the "hot" expat...
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    Which is the best and worst Argentine airline?

    I have spent a fruitless few hours trying to check in with Andes airline online as they charge you for checking you in at the airport. Last time I used them to fly internally the flights were 1=2 hours late. Probably my error for using this budget airline again but they had the best times for my...
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    Conversation coach

    I am interested in progressing my basic (I mean basic) Spanish with some one-to-one conversation classes with a professional (ie good standard), reliable and honest person who has some experience in this kind of work, preferably not a teenager. If anyone can recommend someone for (sa) 4 hours...