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    Questions About Trip To Iguazu

    Hi I work in the travel industry and have been to Iguazu many times. Yes, there is a public bus from Puerto Iguazu to both the Brazilian and Argentine sides of the falls. The bs leaves from the main bus station and you can purchase tickets at the station. Plan for 5-6 hours to visit the...
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    Travel Sales Job Available Based In Arequipa, Peru

    I am posting a job offer on behalf of my employer: Viventura is a tour operator with offices in South America and Germany. We specialize in private and small group tours to South America designed for travellers by travellers. We are one of the leading South American travel specialists in...
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    Hot Water Tank Replacement

    thanks for the replys guys. I just arrived back in BUE. I need a complete terma tanque replacement (gas tank) and some ceiling lights replaced. I live in Barrio Norte (my previous handyman is no longer available).
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    Hot Water Tank Replacement

    It's been a while since I posted. I am looking for a recommendation for a handyman who can replace a hot water tank in my flat.
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    Best Way to get Puerto Madryn/Peninsula Valdez

    i went by flying to Trelew, then renting a car. I highly recommend renting a car as it gives you the most flexibility to see the area. You can stay in Puerto Madryn, which is an ugly city, but has all the amenities you need. There are a few places to stay on the peninsula itself, such ac el...
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    jello biafra anyone?

    here's the link to thursday's show. I'm sure Jello will bust out some old DK and Lard songs
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    jello biafra anyone?

    here's the link. Yes, Dk and Lard...two of my fave bands
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    jello biafra anyone?

    Jello biafra will be playing on thrusday; should be a good show. I'd like to go, but I'm down here solo; anyone else want to go?
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    Brutally Beaten in Recoleta

    A month ago, I was walking down Arenales near Ecuador and heard a scream. I turned and saw three purple (fill in your preferred colour) teens running from a woman. The teens had a backpack, which I quickly determined had been stolen from the girl giving chase. They were emptying the contents of...
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    looking for recommendations

    I have 2 friends from Germany coming into town and was looking for recommendations for nightlife. They are not into dance, electronica or DJ style clubs/music. Are there any low key spots to hear live music? Other suggestions for places "off the standard tourist circuit?"
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    Christmas picnic Saturday December 26

    if the weather cooperates I will be there too.
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    a few travel questions???

    Last time I flew from AEP (to Cordoba) I did not pay a separate exit fee. But you should check for more airport information. Any authorized port of entry would have an immigration office that stamps your passport. I wasn't aware that you can fly to Rio from AEP; I thought...
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    Another stormy week end

    I remember reading an article when I was studying climatology that tied increased weekend rainfall to the increase in pollutants created by M-F commuters.
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    Travel Customer Care Specialist -- Employment Offered

    Customer Care/Travel Specialist US Luxury Travel Company - Blue Parallel, Inc. - is hiring for its Buenos Aires office. Blue Parallel is an exclusive travel boutique providing its affluent clientele with unique and customized luxury trips throughout Latin America. We...
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    Breakfast Club (well....dinner club actually)

    I wish to break out of my routine of eating at many of the same restaurants and am looking to start a weekly dining club for small groups of people. This is not meant to be a formal club with set members, but rather an open invitation to 3,4 or 5 others who want to share food and conversation...
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    Mosquito Madness

    There are two products people swear by, though I'm unsure if they are available down here. 1. Avon skin so soft 2. Bounce dryer sheets-- hang a sheet or two up in your depto and no mosquitos will bother you
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    The quality of haircuts

    save your money...get married then you won't care how you look anymore :)
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    Strange Things You (Would) Pack in Your Suitcase to move to BA!

    I brought only 2 extra items: canned pumpkin (for holiday baking) EARPLUGS! I was able to find many of the items listed in previous posts, including baking powder and decent canela. I would like a decent selection of sushi, but I couldn't pack that now, could I?
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    Cheapest way to book airfare in Argentina?

    I don't think the OP had his question answered. Most of the time, cheapest airfares are found on the airline's websites themselves. I have never found a fare on a consolidator's website that was cheaper than what the airline itself offered. If you know your specific destinations, visit the...
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    pet sitter available over the holidays

    It looks like I will be in town over the holidays and am offering my services as a pet sitter. In addition to having previous experience, I am also a former veterinary technician and my wife is a veterinarian. PM me if you are interested. B.