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  1. Neil

    Coffee Chat on TUESDAY, February 25 at Williamsburg Burger Bar/All Saints Cafe, Alto Palermo

    On my way back to Bsas.....should make it in time!
  2. Neil

    Western Union money transfer

    Western union...the only one that "might" have that kinda cash (pesos) on hand, bring your wheelbarrow!
  3. Neil

    Buying Real Estate in BA

    Roughly based on sq.metre prices established by neighbourhood. Then +/- based on condition amenities etc....
  4. Neil

    Buying Real Estate in BA

    I don't think it's collected like a central "MLS " in Canada.
  5. Neil

    How to get to General Rodriguez from CABA?

    How about....this combi.
  6. Neil

    Buying Real Estate in BA

    Suitcases full of dollars, still preferred ....!
  7. Neil

    Newcomer here need advice please!

    Gary, check your p.m messages
  8. Neil

    Buying Real Estate in BA

    I sent you a p.m !
  9. Neil

    English Meetup every Friday @8:00 pm

    Tegoba...the English Group of Buenos Aires meets every Friday @8pm All are welcome! Fame restaurant Cabildo 2921 ,take the D line subtle to last stop (Congreso de Tucamán)...the restaurant is one block away..!
  10. Neil

    Visa/Residency advice - Student Visa, citizenship, forming a S.A.

    So many trips, Maybe you were missing that famous Uy chivito ..aka. Heart attack on a bun !
  11. Neil

    Never Give A "Gringo " an Alfajor !. Publication Went Viral.

    I found it ounce @Costco Canada, one whole pallet ....lasted for months at the store!
  12. Neil

    What's the best cambio area in Montevideo?

    Cambio gales in Montevideo P.d..este..., used them for transfers,accounts,safety deposit boxes and exchange. Ars to Uyu is bad, try to use Usd--> Uyu Great service!
  13. Neil

    They looked slightly out of place...

    With ears like that,they could hear the pesos jingling blocks away...
  14. Neil

    Corona Virus May Hit Argentina Hard

    Got that covered.....
  15. Neil

    Australian tourist stabbed in Recoleta neighborhood.

    And all this free advice, is hardly followed as I just saw a quick snatch 'n grab in Calle Guemes y bulnes .....tourists leaving the Bulnes Eco suites ....
  16. Neil

    I'm new on this site

    Search this forum, you will find answers to all of your questions.